71 GS455 tribute--tell me why this isn't a good deal

Discussion in 'Ebay Parts and Cars' started by 69GS&M21, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. 69GS&M21

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    Don't tempt me! Unless it's got a big block in it and they will also take my 1980 Bronco 351 4-speed as partial trade.
  2. fishwater

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    I’m going to be a buyer in the $15k & under range, it’s not easy to find a good car for that from what I’ve seen. I had to give away my 71 vert just to get it sold since we moved & can’t find anything to replace it with so far. Story of my life, sell low & buy high, never any deals when I’m buying. Fortunately I’m still a couple of months out before buying so I’m hoping the deals come back around.
  3. 1972Mach1

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