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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Deadsled59, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    Should have let me know Will. I could've sent some stock valves, keepers & retainers also in the same box.
  2. Deadsled59

    Deadsled59 Well-Known Member

    No sir, I appreciate it though.
    I have stock “replacement” SS valves from Russ Martin, and locks/retainers, and even my stock tulip valves.

    The SS valves etc are what I used in the videos

    I meant, I do not have “THE” Valves, or an 11/32 like I’ll be using, with keeper grooves determining things for me like spring height, etc.
    That’s where the custom Valves are going to come in I believe.

    Just observing things with what I’ve got handy.
  3. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    I always wondered if that would help!

    I've been following this thread, I just don't have a whole lot to add.
    I used Tom's rockers in my last build with a Poston NH400 cam. Springs were stock outers and Isky inners. Rocker adjusters were nearly all the way out, so ratio was maxed out too, around 1.9. I'll have to double check my notes, but there was no coil bind at around 0.600" lift.
  4. gsgtx

    gsgtx Silver Level contributor

    Walt, when you say out do you mean out towards the topside of rocker arm
  5. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    Yes. Stock pushrods were long for this setup, adjusters were near, or at, their limit.
  6. Deadsled59

    Deadsled59 Well-Known Member

    UPDATE 4-5-18
    Dealing with a broken right hand.
    Two broken metacarpals have slowed me down this past week, but I had time to finish a video or two and edit them.

    Videos, as far as I am concerned, actually SHOW what I'm trying to convey much much better than a written description.
    Its hard sometimes to fully convey what you're saying without a visual, so here goes...


    As you can see in the video, I modified the rocker stand Dowel Holes after kicking the idea around on here a few weeks ago.

    Is it the cleanest "Fix"?
    NO!... Im the first to admit that.

    But will I end up running the rockers like this?
    It seems like a nice, clean, yet compromised "fix" to the sweep, and the lack of clearance I had.
    The "compromise" is that the rockers are no longer guaranteed to return to the exact same spot each time upon removal, or maybe even after extended miles down the road...
    However, the CLAMPING FORCE of the mounting bolts, the precise way I moved them, and the spring pressures pushing the assembly "outboard" all will work in my favor to make this "fix" a stable one... AGAIN, as far as im concerned... especially when the alternative (no pushrod clearance) won't work...
    All of this is detailed in the video over about 7 mins.

    Now looking to maybe order a Smith pushrod with ball ends to see if I get more cup clearance.
    Maybe order a 3/8 Cup adjuster to see what that does for me too.

    You can stare at a problem for another year, or use your head and carve a path.
    I chose the latter to move things along.

    Let me know what you think, or if theres an issue with the video link!
  7. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    I was thinking offset dowel pins but didn't find much of a selection available in a quick search. 0.021" are common for bellhousings but you needed much more. There are also offset bushings avail for adjusting cam timing.
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  8. Deadsled59

    Deadsled59 Well-Known Member

    I haven't kicked the bucket guys, just have been extremely busy running my SandBlasting business, and the block has unfortunately remained on the stand untouched since I posted the videos detailing the elongated Rocker Stand holes to gain Pushrod Clearance..
    I need to give Mike Lewis a call as well about my heads, as I have not heard from him in months, May actually.
    Once I get those sorted with his help, Ill be able to bug Tom again for a new set of Pistons to accommodate that new bore size and the CCs from Mikes work.

    Stay tuned! This thing will go back together!

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