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1 of 179 with Factory Dual Quad MZ Engine Code.
This was Tom Spresser's car which I purchased around 2010. The car has been featured in a few different magazines (Car Craft is one of the others), as well as these pics from Hot Rodding, which is the Oct. 1998 copy.
Basket Case Stage 1 - Currently has a 68 430, has original 4 speed.
300ci with aluminum intake and 4 brl. 1987 Olds 4 speed automatic.


67 Buick wildcat 430. 46 dodge truck cab. Rough but ready to get started.
My 10 year and ongoing project ,she gets her name "HOR" bcs the color is High octane red and of its price :) in ppg epoxy primer ,Primer fill ....seal coat and then High Octane red a 2016 a challenger/charger color lots of work but highly satisfied
70 Stage 1 and 71 GSX (high school ride)
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Frame off, stock appearing, Former NMCA Record Holder
1974 Apollo, 350 350 THM