1970 Buick GS 455 Triple Black Convertible

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  1. Ragtop 70 GS
    Beautiful looking ride! Love the triple black.
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  2. JimRamsey
    "Looking good Frank!"
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  3. white72gs455
    Is that the triple B that JW restored?
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    1. mrolds69
      Thanks, no it's not the car that JW restored. That car was a Stage 1 and this car is a GS 455.

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  1. mrolds69
    Thanks guys! I still have it, it is not for sale at this time, Tony. There is one for sale in MA that's similar, but not as nice.
  2. Tony serra
    Hey Frank, You still have your 70 convertible? It's a beauty. Wondering if it's for sale or possible trade? Let me know. Thanks!
  3. Tony serra
    Sweet ride no doubt. Love the triple black! Is it for sale or trade?
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  4. Rob73Buick
    Nice car.
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  5. Lionel brooks
  6. hwprouty
    Fine looking ride!
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  7. mrolds69
    Thanks guys! It also was ordered with a factory trailer tow hitch.
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  8. 66electrafied
    Gorgeous car! All the right bells and whistles too!
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  9. Chi-Town67
    Spectacular car, looks fantastic!
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  10. BYoung
    Looks like it was worth every bit of time you have spent on it. Gorgeous!
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