wtb drivetrain for 66 special

Discussion in '"Pay It Forward"' started by armond, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. armond

    armond 66 special conv.

    I was given a 66 Special Convertible by my brother and need to find a complete running motor and trans. The car was rorginally a 225 v6 and getting my hands on one of those would be great but any v8 that will fit works too, preferably a small block. They can be separate but I definately need both. I'm not looking for charity here although a good deal is great to find. The car came with no motor or parts so I would prefer if you had all of the brackets for power steering pump, alt. etc. I am located in West Los Angeles (across the street from Greg Field's old house for you BCA guys who knew him). Sure wish he was still around, he probably had 47 of 'em. Feel free to call if your local, I can pick up as early as tonight. Thanks,
  2. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly escaped mental patient

    i have some stuff but im on the other side of the us

    what all do you need
  3. armond

    armond 66 special conv.

    motor, tranny, driveshaft, motor mounts, just the little stuff:)
  4. 67fitz

    67fitz Well-Known Member

    I have a 67 special i am doing a engine swap on soon it has a 225 v6 that runs mint 60,000 mile car pics of the engine are in members rides pre 68 page 40
  5. 67fitz

    67fitz Well-Known Member

  6. Murphy

    Murphy Just Getting Started

    Too bad you are so far away. I have a 66 that I'm going to hopefully start a restoration this summer. It has a 300 V8 with a 2 speed tranny that I'm planning on swapping out for a 430 with a 4 speed auto.
  7. armond

    armond 66 special conv.

    Hey guys, I am not opposed to getting it shipped if you are willing to and the price is right. There has to be some fairly inexpensive way to ship a motor and I am not in a huge rush. I would prefer the v6 from 67fitz as that was the original engine in the the car )even though the numbers won't match but the v8 sure is tempting. You guys have any idea how much it is to ship a motor and tranny. Doesn't matter how slow. Feel free to give me a call if either of you come up with something.
  8. tom65special

    tom65special Well-Known Member

    I've got the v6 with 2 speed minus driveshaft with power steering, alternator, and radiator. I'm near chicago. If you could arrange for pickup I could put it on a pallet for say $50.00. The motor is out of a 65 special and is still in the car.
  9. daward

    daward Measure twice, cut once.

    If you go 300/340 let me know, I have a set of frame pads to mount a V8. I'm not sure that they are or are not different than the V6 :Do No:

    I have some other misc. pieces from my two 66's, both were 300 cars.
  10. Sportwagon400

    Sportwagon400 Well-Known Member

    I have a good running 64 V6 auto trans and i will be in Portland Or April 11-15 this year if you are interested I can bring them down


    kkklassen@shaw.ca is my e mail
  11. armond

    armond 66 special conv.

    sooooo many options. I think I've found a 340 in Phoenix with a trans and I'm gonna do that. The price is right and I can go pick it up. I still need a driveshaft though. Thanks for all of the offers, I appreciate everyone's help. I think I'm a buick man now. The people (like you guys) are so much more helpful than in the ford forums I've been on for my fairlane. thanks again.
  12. daward

    daward Measure twice, cut once.

    I have a driveshaft for ya too... drop me an email or a pm when you get your AZ pick-up.


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