Wiper Motor 4960754 control board

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  1. Chuck Bridges

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    Relay board.jpg View attachment 484488 Would anyone out there have the plastic control board from a Delco 4960754 windshield wiper motor. I have a motor that I bought on Ebay. It arrived and had some broken parts, specifically the washer hose connectors. I used the parts from my old motor to repair it. The old motor had shorted and melted things in there as it got hot, so I disposed of it and kept the old washer motor. The motor worked once, then died. I took it apart and found that this board was broken. This is the board that turns on the motor. I got it to work, sort of. I can use high and low speed, but not stop it. I can't have the wipers on all of the time, so my problem. I don't need a working motor, just a relay board. Please, if anyone has one out there on a dead motor, let me know what you want for it. I am in Southern Alberta, Canada.

    PS This relay board has the 3 prong connector on it.

    Thank you for reading this.

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  2. Troys69GS

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    I've never opened one. What exactly is the boards function? Is it just holding connections or is it an actual relay? I could 3d print something if needed.
  3. Chuck Bridges

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    It is an actual relay. It controls the speed and the parking of the wipers. It holds the three connectors that you plug into.the bottom right one is ground, the middle is constant power and the left is variable power for the speed. I don't think 3d printing is possible, without an actual board to compare to. I really appreciate your time though. There are 2 different boards. The original one did not hold the connectors. Unfortunately, when the wiper motor got hot, it melted part of that one. The replacement I bought, with no warranty, has the connectors on the board. It was from an Oldsmobile, but would have worked. This is the one shown in the picture.


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