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    From Saturday:

    Quick 16
    1st - Jim Dotson - Regal aspirated V6
    2nd - David Roland - Designer 1987 Turbo T

    1st - Dave Rocco - Blue 1970 GS 455
    2nd - Keith Egan - Black 1970 GS 455

    Ladies Race
    1st - Ann (Oakley)McNew - Red 1970 GS Convertable
    2nd - Lisa Duggan - 1987 GN

    Due to the rain Friday night, Saturday mornings racing was compressed to the afternoon. There was a lot of down time and we will be working with the track to minimize that with test and tune run while waiting for the racers to respond class qualifying calls.


    Highest Buick racers in Modified
    1st - Darayl Sigourney - Dark green GS
    2nd - tie: Roberta Vasilow, David Roland, and Mike Koszyk

    Highest Buick racers in Street Class
    1st - Ramin Ansari - White Regal with 455
    2nd - Dennis Butt - 1987 GN . . close were Brandon Crim and Pete Rocco were edged out due to variation to dial in. Brandon was surprised with a 11.77 on a 12.50 dial

    Due to the late start due to Saturday night's rain we did not have an opportunity to run the planned Bracket 1 and Bracket 2. Bracket 1 cars ran in the track's Modified Cass and Bracket 2 cars ran in the track's Street Class. We paid the sponsor money allocated for B1/B2 to the owners of Buicks according to the number of rounds made.

    This is a nice little track that is really getting busy with the problems at US41 and the improvements at Martin pushing small racers out.

    Feedback is welcome and we will be trying to have the event the only open weekend of Notre Dame's schedule next year in September. September 20th weekend.

    Thanks for all the participants who made this a great event, and the sponsors who made the winners very happy. All money from the sponsors went to the racers, and Chicagoland GSCA made up the difference. Since this is a smaller track we could keep the costs down with all the entry fees going to the track. That's why we could only get the track to ourselves on Saturday.
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    Why I only got 1 picture of 1 winner is beyond...:Dou:

    Congrats to all the winners & THANK YOU for coming out & participating :TU: :TU: :TU:

    Pictured is:
    Highest placing Buick racer in Street Class :3gears:
    Ramin Ansari - White Regal with 455
    and... Tim the Track guy.


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    Here's the winner of the Peoples Choice award from the car show.

    Mike Davenport (aka Couch) 67 GS with 455

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    Yikes:shock: I dont think that's gonna pass tech


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