what,s it worth

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what's a nos core support worth 1970 gs

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  1. 500.00

  2. 1000.00

  3. 1500.00

  4. 150.00

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  1. stevefastv6

    stevefastv6 buying stock

    :dollar: 1971 air cleaner light rust on lid 1971 n25 bumper small crease in lower left half

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  2. goofinoff

    goofinoff 71 Skylark Conv. 350 4bbl

    Thats a '72 air cleaner. $150.00 - $350.00, depending on how nice, and how bad the next guy wants it.
    I would like to see pics of the N25, I want one. goincampn@aol.com
  3. jay3000

    jay3000 RIP 1-16-21

    Definitely 72 air cleaner..
  4. stevefastv6

    stevefastv6 buying stock

    thanks guy's as time go's fewer of these are left lying around hopefly the price will go up ! i bought it from a guy who bought it from year one for 150.00 he said they bought all of gm remaining stock? it still has the gm box

    happy new year!!!!!!!!!! stick together:Brow:

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