What is the Year and Model of YOUR Classic Buick

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by buick195646r, Nov 29, 2003.


What Classic Buick Model do YOU own

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  1. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    Whay is the Year nad Model of YOUR Classic Buick

    I own a 56 Buick Special 46R, with a 322 Nailhead. Red and White.
    There are not very many enthusiests that have worked on older buicks. Thank God a Guy I work with was employed as a Mechanic for 14 years at a Buick Dealership in the 60's. And of course a Service Manual. No Computers, NO Emissions, NO Metric Fasteners. Problems were a lot easier to determine and reair back then. Just basic car stuff, without the other complications.
  2. Patsusedparts

    Patsusedparts Well-Known Member

    2 cars

    Three if you count the 1997! (see signature)
    The 59 has the 364 2 barrel
    71 has the standard 315HP 455.
  3. Steve N.

    Steve N. Well-Known Member

    2 Buicks in the family. My son's 91 Regal GS, and of course my Roadie. It's a 1950 2 dr hardtop Riviera deluxe.

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  4. kennygs72

    kennygs72 Well-Known Member

    1950 2-door fastback with a 248, three on the tree, black with all the original int. still in it hte only mod is now 12 volts
  5. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

  6. Centurion

    Centurion Well-Known Member

    Bad Boattail, I can't figure out the poll either.

    Here's my information:

    1959 Buick Electra 4-door hardtop
    401 V8 (Wildcat 445) with standard dual exhausts
    Triple Turbine (Flight Pitch) Transmission
    Silver Birch exterior
    Gray Cordaveen and Mojave Cloth interior

    1971 Buick Centurion Formal Coupe (2-door hardtop)
    455 V8 with standard single exhaust
    Turbo Hydramatic 400 Transmission
    Sandpiper Beige/Dark Brown vinyl roof/black Centurion paint stripe exterior
    Saddle vinyl (Elk Grain and Madrid Grain) interior
  7. Rune

    Rune Member

    1956 Buick Special 2dr HT- 46R
    Black on Black all original so far
    almost done with the body restore.

  8. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    1956 Buick Special 2 DR HT

    Hi Howard,

    I am also an owner of a 56 Bucik Special 2DR HT. Red with a White Roof in need of Paint. All Origional with 38, 084 documented origional miles. However It does need some body work especially the Rear Quarter Panels. What Problems have YOU experienced concerning YOUR Body Restoration. My 56 has been sitting in storage since 1970. and now I can watch the rust growing day by day. Have YOU experienced Similar Problems? If so, What did YOU do to correct it? OR what recomendations do YOU have. Did YOU have to replace Body Panel Sections? Where did YOU obtain REPLACEMENT parts. Any and All help or Suggestions, no matter how Insignificant will be of GREAT Help.
  9. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?

    Re: Whay is the Year nad Model of YOUR Classic Buick

    'nad' ? Oh I see, never mind. :)
  10. Rune

    Rune Member

    My car was subjected to the weather the entire time of its resting. The previous owner didn't know alot about fixiing sheet metal he just relied upon bond. Both of the rear quaters directly below the drip rail where rusted through, also the passenger side rocker panel and the extension frpm the door to the rear wheel well on both sides, the trunck was rusted through and the floor pans were rusted out. Most of the metal replacements were done with peices I fabricated but I plan on using classicfabrications.com for the floor pan. I'm going to do some measurements of a friends 57' Belair trunck to see if the panels are the same, if so I'll order them from Danchuck. As to rust, just remove it and get an encapsulator to help stop it.

  11. Judd

    Judd Well-Known Member

    I have a 56 Special 2dr ht also 46R . It is mostly original now except for chrome under the hood, AM/FM cassette, and glass packs. I have an Isky cam for it and plan on a 3 deuce set up. I also have a 56 2 dr ht 46R parts car

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  12. The Old Guy

    The Old Guy Joe Taubitz

    I have a 40 Super convertible that I have owned for 31 years. It just rolled over 100,000 miles that I have driven it. I also have a 63Electra 2 dr hard top with 26,000 original miles, and a 69 Sportwagon . I also have a 37 coupe with a 455
    :beer :beer
  13. 65 SKY

    65 SKY Member

    Currently, '65 Skylark 2Dr. W:300 2BL. 2"dual exhaust, PW, PB,Tilt-wheel,A/C,TH350 (to repace the TH300) 250,000 original miles on original motor (SWEET) VERY NICE CAR!!! I, Will NEVER!!! SELL it! 18MPG Avg.
    I, saved an original 322 from a '58 Riv. W/ 8,500 original miles. Carb. to tranny. This might, be the site, to find a new home? (Air cleaner is the ONLY missing part)
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  14. buick195646r

    buick195646r Certified Buick Car Nut

    Re: 1958 Rivieria

    If YOU have a Motor from a 58 Buick it MUST be a 364. The last year buick produced the 322 was in 1956
  15. 55 roadie..original 322...perfect interior..original paint(is still good too) but thats comin off soon for a new scheme....isky, frshly finished exhaust in 3" stainless, and flame kit...and some new wheels soon as i find something i like in the right size PCD.

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  16. 62 Invicta

    62 Invicta Active Member

    I own a 1962 Buick Invicta four door hardtop with the 325hp
    4bbl 401, with single exshost. Interior is Fawn cloth/vinyl, and
    exterior is a pretty cool two tone finish. Lower color is Cameo
    Cream, and the roof color is Arctic White. Just out of curiousity,
    how many of the 62 Buick's have you guys seen with that combo?
    Because, I have not seen another one with that color combo, in
    any model in 62 except mine. Well, talk to you all later.
  17. itzagrlstruck

    itzagrlstruck Member

    1957 Century "Caballero" Station Wagon.
    Hope to have back on the road for spring! Have all the parts we need for replacement except, ball joints. Dad is working on the floor pans and we still haven't agreed on the paint.
    Still haven't named her yet either!
  18. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    I'm still trying to figure out the poll!:error:

    It obviously looks like a missed intention. Should have been a "year" of car we were polling on. :Dou:

    Oh well. I'm bored. :3gears: :spank: :sleep: :rant: :af: :beer :pp :Brow: :moonu: :ball: :beer
  19. pappy

    pappy Member

    55 Special 2 dr hdtp.
    Front disc brake conversion
    Late model v8
    Original rear end with an open driveline conversion
    4-link rear suspension
    Air bags all around
    Mid 70's full size Buick Centurian interior
    17in Torque Thrusts
    Mechanically done
    In the process of body work, then paint (Black with flames to the rear quarters)
    June completion date(I hope)

    (anyone looking for body panel replacements should check out
    Mac's Garage on the web. He has a load of panels from the 50's and 60's, I used some 57 quarter patches and adapted them for my rust problems)

  20. lucforce

    lucforce New Member

    61 buick lesabre 4dr hardtop
    factory a/c, p/s, p/b, lots of options, curiously never had any side view mirrors.
    70k miles, all origional trim, only one repaint, offwhite and pearl
    wide whites. hidden indash cd
    all new brakes with origional alluminum drums
    ditched generator for 110 amp alternator, rewired underhood
    soon to be completed interior: shaving handles and locks
    mechanically done

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