What’s the biggest cam a stock appearing

Discussion in 'Stock Appearing' started by wildcat4, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. wildcat4

    wildcat4 Well-Known Member

    I think this cams powerband in 3500-5500
    So I would want a converter up more in that range. So I could see gear change gaining you maybe .2-.25
    Heads maybe .2.
    Compression maybe .15 maybe more
    Converter maybe .2 of course if you are going to a stick you will lose some weight and you can launch whatever you want. So you will get there.
  2. Gary Bohannon

    Gary Bohannon Well-Known Member

    Last summer I bought a coan 20320-3 converter 265mm with about 4000 stall. I removed my JW 3500, and installed this. Haven't been back to the track yet, but this thing is awesome!
    It goes into gear with a thumb, it is so tight. Drives away like a stock converter. Hit the throttle at a dead stop, it goes to 5000 so fast and stays between 5000-5500 all the way through the gears when I'm playing with it. No way this is going to slow me down. Most people will say that's too much. Don't believe that. Dalquist said he gained about 3 mph and 3 tenths replacing his $500 3500 coan converter, with this $1000 custom built coan and it doesn't even build enough heat to require a cooler. Slippage is 3-4 %.
    This means that if I swap my 3.73 gear back to a 3.42 gear, it will increase stall even more to make up for a higher gear. I expect 7.40's in the 1/8 mile next time out.
    My engine has stock 1970 Buick pistons, cheap cast rings, stock rocker arms, about 150 lbs compression and runs 7.5's in the 1/8 mile with 1.63 60 ft right now. Can't wait to try out this coan converter.
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  3. Buickrat1

    Buickrat1 Well-Known Member

    The TA 310 cam works really well with exhaust manifolds especially if you set the intake centerline at 110. I have a special TA cam in my 462 Buick it is 540" lift with duration of 228/242 at .050 ground on 116 LSA and I set the intake at 110. This cam is awesome as it idles at 750 rpm with no lobe, maybe a little when the engine is cold, and makes 15" of vacuum at idle. This cam pulls hard from 2000 - 6200 rpm. I have a 28oo stall Art Carr converter ( the original Art Carr) The ramps on this cam are extremely fast for a Hydraulic flat tappet so it requires Beehive springs to reduce valve train weight. My car has run as quick as 11:15 at 121 mph with exhaust manifolds and full exhaust with 2 1/4 tail pipes and 255 drag radials in Bowling green. Its all in the combination,
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  4. rkammer

    rkammer Gold Level Contributor

    What static compression are you running Impressive times.
  5. Buickrat1

    Buickrat1 Well-Known Member

    12/1 when it was 11/1 the car ran 11:28@119 the car now runs on E85 which we have at the pumps.
  6. wildcat4

    wildcat4 Well-Known Member

    Did you ever get to try this one out
  7. wildcat4

    wildcat4 Well-Known Member

    Very impressed.
    How about weight?
  8. Tom Righter

    Tom Righter Well-Known Member

    Iron intake, who does your Q jet. What compression. Very impressive times!

    ROCK N ROLL GSX Well-Known Member

    Duane's GSX after tweaking the "combo" , finally ran some 11:20's several decades ago. And would average 11:30's. The cam used was the Lunati Cam AKA: HEMI KILLER . It was used because that particular cam was/is a "legal" NHRA stocker cam with the "advertised" NHRA "factory" specs of a STAGE 1. We knew it wasn't the ideal cam for the combo even back then. But since we were planning to go up against a HEMI in the "round three" we wanted to be able to show a cam card of what we were using "in case" we got into any controversy related to the combo. IE: Show STAGE 1 "specs". And for "round three" It got the job done. There is for sure a couple of tenths in a modern day cam grind ground specifically for the combo. The engine is what it is, being built in the 80'S and refreshed in the early 90's. And car weighing in at 3800 LBS. It is all Iron and has all the correct castings and casting numbers. No 430 exhaust manifolds or 67 430 heads etc... It will always have the correct castings, look correct. The perspective : Is, to keep the car looking all original especially under the hood with the correct Iron casting for the year. And being an original GSX .It can also be displayed and do well at the car shows.
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  10. Buickrat1

    Buickrat1 Well-Known Member

    3850 with me in it
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  11. Buickrat1

    Buickrat1 Well-Known Member

    12/1 compression, I build my own QJ's and the intake is a stock appearing B4B.
  12. wildcat4

    wildcat4 Well-Known Member

    I will just say. WOW

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