We should identify ourselves! Here's an idea for BPG/etc.

Discussion in 'Buick Performance Group' started by derek244, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. derek244

    derek244 Back again.

    I have been lurking around you bunch of Buick nuts for 7 months now. I went to the BPG show and could not really put a face with the name, although the name tags DID help me, when I could see them, or if they were actually worn. There is a very close knit group of long timers on here that have known other long timers for years (before the BPG etc.), and actually know eachother personally. However, I could stand right next to Jim Weise and not have a clue who he was! Seems odd for everyone to gather together after posting hundreds of threads, and not even know what they look like in person.

    Here's my idea. It's simple, post some fairly recent pics of yourself if you can. I know this will open the flood gates for jokes etc, but this time try not to post that friggin pic of Yardley and the sheep...if I see that one more time, I'm gonna go blind! Lets see some real pictures of you. Family pics from 1991 are not really a good idea though.

    Now, if we get some real photos, here's what I'll do. I will compile the photos and information, print them out, and send them to whoever wants them, at NO charge. That way, when you are sitting there at the BPG nats, you will be able to look at the pics and identify people! What do you think?

    I don't have many of myself, but here's one with my mom last May, with the Rav4 my wife and I gave her for Mothers Day.

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  2. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    Ok here's the next best thing to Yardley's sheep....

    Kill 2 birds with one stone - Yardley on the left and me on the right..

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  3. derek244

    derek244 Back again.

    Cool. Now lets get this going! :TU:
  4. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    me and the stash

    Moz and Dennis "stash"

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  5. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    Did you get to touch it??:laugh:
  6. SportWagonGS

    SportWagonGS Moderator

    here I am, this was taken in Oct right after I got my Vulcan and looking kinda fat in my "cruiser slouch" position

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  7. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

    You asked for it :laugh:

    Beth :grin:

    P.S. I no longer have the "J-Lo" glasses
    Adam, I love that picture of you 2

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  8. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

    And this is my better half, Dana

    Beth :grin:

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  9. ricknmel67

    ricknmel67 Well-Known Member

    I just went through my whole computer....
    I now realize that I have well over 2000 car related pictures saved on here, and NOT ONE single picture of myself or my wife. :Dou:
  10. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    From Key West.

    Wish I were there today! Brrrr.....

    Lynn and myself.

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  11. derek244

    derek244 Back again.

    Keep this going guys!!! Don't be afraid!!! :laugh: :laugh: :TU:

    Can we make this a sticky? I want to get as many pics as possible! :beer
  12. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

    I think we have your ear on the end of that wagon video you sent us :Smarty:
    We'll see if we can freeze frame it and put it up :TU:

    Beth :laugh:
  13. staged2ny

    staged2ny Silver Level contributor

    heres one from last summer sun burn included.mike

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  14. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

  15. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD" Staff Member

    The 3 Stooges Moe- Ron (TufBuick), Larry-Larry(LARRY70GS), and Curly-Alan(69GS400's)
  16. stagetwo65

    stagetwo65 Wheelie King

    Here's one of me with Carla, a waitress at the Spitfire Grill in Bowling Green. :laugh:

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  17. tdacton

    tdacton Gold Level Contributor

    Teaching my son how to surf v8buick

    Here is me and my boy, surfing.

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  18. my3buicks

    my3buicks Guest


    Sitting in the new Lay-z-boy

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  19. wildcat4

    wildcat4 Well-Known Member

    heres one of me with the 71 Skylark at a local car show. My friend Dave Payne is on the left but we were told to "Get out of the way so I can take a picture of your car" which I will always do. :)

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  20. derek244

    derek244 Back again.

    Whoa, this is taking off like wildfire! I have come to the following conclusions:

    1. You have no way to scan or upload pictures.
    2. You no photos of yourself except a high school photo in which you have a mullet. :laugh:
    3. For some reason, you think people will not notice how freakish you look in person, only in a photo can you be truly seen. :shock:
    4. The starter of this thread does not have enough threads posted or connections in the Buick community to ask for such personal information to be posted. :rolleyes:
    5. You are in a government witness protection program.


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