Wanted 1964 Buick Riviera engine

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by Michael Johnson, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. I need an engine for my 1964 Buick Riviera. I have two blocks and cranks are bad on both of them. I'm looking for a 401 or 425 nailhead ... A rebuilt short block or a running long block. 805-234-8850
  2. Hello NH 67 -
    Still have my crazy wagon yes ! Enjoy scaring the neighborhood in it !
  3. lrlforfun

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    OK Mike: Is your 64 Riv that black one with the red interior? I thought about making a play for it because I have a 65 401 .30 over with lo mileage on it. I got it from a pal and heard it run. It really was strong. Fortunately....or unfortunately I pulled the pan and the crank was slightly scored. I too have a really good 64 Riv with a weak lower end and was thinking about using it on that but it would be just as easy to rebuild that one in the present car as my .30 over 401 needs to be taken apart and inspected and hopefully could survive a clean-up.

    Finding a good used 401 or 425 is hard. The easiest way would be to find a beat 64, 65 or, 66 Wildcat or Electra and get it running good and pull the engine.....but, the cash register will start ringing with that scenario too.

    Machine shops refuse to repair, they want to re-build their way from ground zero due to liability. It's a tough predicament. If the car was 3 years old, yeah a rebuild would make sense but due to it's status as a hobby car and finance wise it's not a tough call.

    Ultimately it's your decision. rebuild or bail and take the hit. Repair? Hey, if you can find someone trustworthy to do it....absolutely. Mitch
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    I have a good running used 401 from a '64 Riviera. Where do you live?

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