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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by Papi, Dec 30, 2020.

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    I'm new to the forum but have used it for tech info for several years. I know and understand that the members who know their stuff through years of "Buick" experience might see this comment and say "oh no, here we go again" lol. I don't want to start the whole 8.2 history lesson over again, but....... I called Fabcraft metalworks yesterday and asked "if there was an update on when their "Buick only" gear sets for the 68-70 8.2 might be available?" I talked to a great guy, Dave, who said they're compiling a "people interested list" and that when there's enough people for the $ numbers to make sense it will be a go - he's hoping by summer 2021. i also asked him if there was a way to VISUALLY DISTINGUISH between the 68-70 Pontiac and Buick 8.2 without opening the case to check if the driver side retainer is larger? He said with the warning - that GM often used cross over parts from sister branches- but that YES there is a way: He said the Pontiac webbing on the third member near the yoke forms a "<" greater than shape, and the webbing on a Buick third member near the yoke has one large webb at the bottom parallel to the ground.
    I crawled under my LeMans and it has the one large webb parallel to the ground! Did you all catch that?
    Do i have a Buick LeMans? lol
    Can anyone confirm this webbing theory?
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    OK will do. thanks
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    There were some earlier 64-67 Buick or B-type 8.2”’s that had the same single rib on each side,but have the more common 8.2” BOP internals. The first thing would be to determine what year it is exactly.
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    Thanks Brian, you always have sound advise.
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    I doubt you check the upper webbing to see if it is a PONTIAC.
    FIrst major thing. There are NO 10 bolt 8.2 buick rears built after 1970. Period.
    So the lemans is only going to have a 10 bolt 8.2 Pontiac rear from the factory.
    I have seen some 1972 Pontiac Lemans rears being the same 8.5 Buick Olds rears. I think they were getting built at a same plant and might be a reason for that and GM was likely using up what they had before the chassis switch over where those rears would not work in anyway for the 1973 era.
    So IF you do have a buick rear under your LeMans it is not original.

    The easiest best way I found to ID a BUICK ONLY 1o bolt rear end is the YOKE... the YOKE dust shield will hang over the pinion snout cast diameter about a 1/4" all the way around.

    The early 1964-1967 difference from the later 1968 -1970 difference for me is easy, (the 68 - 70 outside casting is VERY much thicker casting then the early Buick 8.2) but if you are not familiar just get the casting number from the rear....IF IT ENDS IN 724 or 700 you have the 68 - 70 buick 8.25 rear and your in trouble for gears and parts.
    This casting number is usually found on the passenger side above or below the main parallel webbing wing on the rear .

    JD Race

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