VIN tag and original owner information found

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by 69SkylarkGS, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. 69SkylarkGS

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    C40B1A09-B642-4991-8B5D-015CEBB0E012.jpeg 56C639F5-C4F0-46B5-A201-CF71FF25596B.jpeg 12401299-99F9-4B75-986B-314F9F14EF89.jpeg 2D3DB449-BC3E-46E2-96E9-3C4FFB882438.jpeg 8139F4AB-C728-4EC9-A24B-1C674394083F.png

    If anyone owns this car or knows who does please let me know. I’d like to reunite the owner of the car with it if possible! This came with my car when I bought it but does not belong to my car. From what I found online it appears the original owner has passed. This would be great to have if you own this car. VIN appears to be 433699H303324.

    The car I bought is a 434 code GS350 built in MO so it clearly does not belong to mine.
  2. 69SkylarkGS

    69SkylarkGS Well-Known Member

    I’m sure he no longer owns the car. I was thinking someone may have bought it at some point and own the car now.
  3. 69SkylarkGS

    69SkylarkGS Well-Known Member

    Your right it could be with a relative, good call. I’ll check that out. If not maybe they know who bought it.
  4. Daves69

    Daves69 Too many cars too work on


    I believe 69skylarkgs is trying to find the current owner, not the original owner. He is trying to reunite the paperwork to the car.
  5. WQ59B

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    43369 is a 250 CI Special 4-dr sedan.
    A possible scenario is that car gave parts towards the GS350, and the paperwork was kept & the car perished.
    Of course; it's worth a shot to see if it's still around.
  6. 69SkylarkGS

    69SkylarkGS Well-Known Member

    Could of been a parts car that’s true!
  7. 69SkylarkGS

    69SkylarkGS Well-Known Member

    I’d like to return it to the car but I’d be happy returning it to his family too. I think I actually found his grandson on Facebook but he didn’t respond to my message. Oh well, I tried.
  8. 69SkylarkGS

    69SkylarkGS Well-Known Member

    Sent a PM. I don’t do friend requests to people I don’t know.

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