Using the top makes it stall.

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? How can I get my convertible top to work right

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  1. CruisinLou

    CruisinLou Cruisin Lou

    I've got all new wiring harnesses in my 1971 GS stage 1 convertible, and when I go to use the top or the power windows it makes the engine stall. Obviously drawing power from the ignition, but why?.... I have checked the convertible top motor and the switch and everything else that I can think of, but the bottom line is when I use the windows or the top the engine bucks and stalls... What did I do wrong?... Help anyone, it's been off the road 14 years for a complete body off restoration and now this nonsense is keeping it off the road.... Help...
  2. 69 GS 400

    69 GS 400 Well-Known Member

    Maybe there is an issue with the new harness. Color code or connector could be wrong ( wires crossed ) . It would take some time but I would get a factory wiring diagram and trace it all out. Label each wire as you go to keep track. Make sure all grounds are good. Sometimes paint such as the trunk spatter paint can cause a faulty ground. I.E. My fuel gauge always read full because of this. I had to scratch some of the paint away to make it work.
  3. CruisinLou

    CruisinLou Cruisin Lou

    Thanks ,but...........
  4. DeeVeeEight

    DeeVeeEight Well-Known Member

    Direct short to ground through the circuit. I am surprised you are not blowing fuses or starting fires.
  5. dynaflow

    dynaflow shiftless...

    Photo credit George Nenadovich,

    You should have a short "power accessory harness" that plugs onto master fuse tang (black arrow). White arrow at red connector is power top, 3 on rt are for windows, locks, seat.

    Check what's there, but since problem occurs with either top or windows, implies short ahead of that. Good luck...

    ...careful using top switch, poor design with full current passing thru switch (unless modified to use relay), and is extinct as a part...
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  6. gsgnnut

    gsgnnut Well-Known Member

    Sure sounds like your power accessory pigtails is plugged into the wrong outlet on the fuse panel. Start with checking voltages with a vom at battery altinator fuse panel etc. Might also have a weak voltage regulator
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  7. gsgnnut

    gsgnnut Well-Known Member

    If I'm not mistaken my 70 gs 455 conv top switch is powered at all times and not on the ignition circuit but as suggested check the wiring diagram to trace that out.
  8. buick67gs

    buick67gs Well-Known Member

    1970 and up convertible top, ignition has to be on to Receive power to relays and motor. Return new wire harness something is wrong, wires are crossed ect it happens from time to time
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  9. CruisinLou

    CruisinLou Cruisin Lou

    Thanks gentleman... Problem was I simply didn't have enough power to run everything. Upgraded the alternator and problem solved. Now,I need a black split bench seat with arm rest... Anybody?
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