Triplet of gauges in a 64-67 Skylark/Special dashboard - how did you do it?

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  1. elagache

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    Dear fans of the 64-67 vintage of V-8 Buicks,

    My problems related to my trusty 1965 Buick Special wagon have now moved to the interior as I try to figure out how to fit all the various components that weren't there before and nonetheless need to work together. Some of my problems include:

    1. Changing the shifting to allow for a 200-4R tranny.
    2. Making room for the underdash vents for the Vintage Air air conditioner
    3. Finding a spot for the tachnometer
    4. Locating the triplet of gauges: (oil pressure, coolant temperatures, and voltage) that supplement the idiot lights.

    I'm cautiously hopeful that perhaps I have a mousetrap that copes with items 1-3. However, I haven't gotten any brilliant ideas about the triplet of gauges. I would like to avoid hacking into the dash too much. I need an installation plan that is reasonably straightforward to avoid further delaying the drivetrain upgrade. Also, some of the underdash space will be taken by the air conditioner vents, so not all the potential spots for these gauges remains available.

    Within those restraints, could folks share with me how you got your triplet of gauges into your 64-67 Buick Special/Skylark? Include pics please!! I need as much details as you are willing to share. This task is looking like a serious matter of shoehorning everything in!!

    Thanks, as always, for all the great ideas to be found here!! :TU:

    Cheers, Edouard :beer
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  3. staged67gspwr

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    This is how i have my tach and gauges,they are with the cups instead of the pod.

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  4. gabe

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    Yea kid!!!
  5. Sportwagon400

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    I just did most of what you are trying to do and here is how i handled the issues

    1 - relocated the shift arm on the stock cross shaft behind the original bolt hole i now have all 4 gears and a small adjust of the nutral switch and it works perfectly

    2 - auto meter tach with good 2 sided tape on the dash beside the rear window control switch

    3 - 3 gauges below dash just to show my tricks i installed light for the electric fan, convertor lock up ( on when 12 volts to convertor ) and cruise control light

    on my 64 post car there is room for three above the radio

    i hope some of this helps


    DSC06700 -1(Large).jpg IMG_5089+1 (Large).jpg IMG_5085 (Large).jpg int apra+1.jpg
  6. DugsSin

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    Not wanting to drill extra holes I mounted my gauges to a piece of aluminum strip then bolted the strip to existing holes under the dash.

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  7. urbancowboy0307

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    I'm not sure if you want to keep it looking mostly original, but I think one of the Tach vendors sells a large tach that has oil pres, water temp, and volt meter built in.
    Very modern looking of course, also secondary gauges look very small.
  8. elagache

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    Thanks!! Very helpful!! (Re: gauges in a 64-67 Skylark/Special dashboard - how?)

    Dear fans of the mid-60s V-8 Buick . . . .

    Thanks so much for sharing with me your suggestions for installing gauges in my trusty wagon!! :TU:

    I'm seeing some commonalities with what others have done in the past and what seems to be unavoidable given the space around a 65 Special/Skylark. I have mocked up the location of a mini tachnometer and am now exploring where to place the triplet of gauges. I'll share with you my scheme as soon . . . . as it is properly hatched!! :Brow:

    Thanks again for all the feedback, especially the pictures!! :kodak: Nothing like seeing actual instruments successfully shoehorned into the car!

    Cheers, Edouard :beer

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