Time to rebuild Rochester 2bbl?

Discussion in 'Other' started by V8Sky, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have the original rochester 2bbl carb on my 71 Skylark's 350. Ever since I got the car it had a slight hesitation before going when I stepped on the gas from a dead stop. But lately the problem is a little worse - now when I first start the car after a few days the idle does down and the engine stops - but when I start it again and let it run the car is fine. There is also a bit more of a hesitation when I am stopped at a light and then step on the accelerator. I also just notices a small leak coming from one of the seals in the carburator. Obviously, it must be time to rebuild the carb? What should I look for when taking the carb apart?

    Down the road I will be adding a 4bbl intake and 4bbl Quadrajet carb that I have in my garage but I just dont have the time to do all that now so I want the 2bbl to be running good for the summer.
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    You answered the question yourself when you mentioned the fuel leak. EWith the engine running it is very likely that the carb is leaking air as well, causing a lean out, possibly on one side of the carb. Something the remember as well, is that the fuel you purchase now is very different from the fuels available 35 years ago. I strongly suggest a full tune-up including the spark plugs, and possibly plug wires, than go through the carb, carefully checking all of the small passages, on both sides. If one side feeds fuel, the other side should as well. The carb you are dealing with had some convoluted passages, in some cases, requiring the fuel to traverse some lengthy tubes before being finally deposited in the intake system. If any leaks are present, the resulting lean out could easily result in the condition you describe. Ray
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    >>Well, I had the carb professional rebuilt right after I posted my original message and that cleared up just about all of the problem. No more problem with the engine cutting out after I first start the car. And the hesitation is almost all gone - so now I will go through a full tune up to see if that will eliminate the little bit of hesitation left when I first accelerate. Thanks for the info Ray.

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