The BPG Salem Nationals GSE grudge race challenge.

Discussion in 'GSE Street Eliminator Series' started by Jeff Hart, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Jeff Hart

    Jeff Hart Platinum Level Contributor

    There has been a huge amount of discussions after the GS Nationals in BG from the contenders and the followers about the way the GSE cars ran. We have decided to offer a challenge separate from the GSE race between two particular cars. There is at least $500.00 to the winner of this challenge in the pot already. Details will be posted in the next couple of days. Again this is separate money from the regular running of the GSE class.

    If the numbers are what they should be we will be paying out for more then Winner and Runner Up. Winner is currently $750.00 and runner up is $375.00 with a minimum of 8 cars for this payout. This money is BPG paid. With 16 cars we will pay 4 places with potentially double the money for Winner and Runner Up, which will come from the members.

    In the mean-time past contenders and potential contenders for the Salem event, send me and e-mail, private message or call me 517-204-6507. We need a head count and we need to discuss the spec. fuel rule proposal for Salem, which it seems, most contenders support. If spec. fuel is what contenders want, and as of date all do, it will be there.
  2. Steve Schlater

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    What's the scoop ?

    Who is calling who out ? :grin:

    Should be interesting :TU:
  3. Jeff Hart

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    This is from the BPG board that Bobb previously posted. We came up with the idea of running the grudge race between the two fastest cars in BG in GSE. It will be a best 2 out of 3 this way traction should not play into it with just one run. The cars will be using GSE rules. Both cars will be inspected inside and out (IE under the dash under the cars anywhere you could hide something). We will run spec fuel both tanks will be empty when we start and will have there fill openings sealed after filling both teams will have a extra eye with them after the inspection and until the end of the grudge race. This way it can ether prove or disprove the validity of both cars. The California car of Oliver Colterhahn has agreed to these terms in fact after posting the idea they called us to volunteer. We have not contacted Gary yet because we are trying to work out some minor details (MONEY) for this deal. Gary has said he plans on being there so it should be no issue getting him to run.

    This should ether prove or disprove how fast the cars are going if you can't run under these rules than maybe there should be some concern. I know both of these guy's and expect them to come and be flying if not I guess we will know the truth

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