TA's "Win Now - Race Later / Get Out and Drive!" Summer Sale!

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  1. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    TA's "Win Now - Race Later / Get Out and Drive!" Summer Sale!

    Hey all! TA Performance is running our "Win Now - Race Later / Get Out and Drive!" sale this summer starting May 18th and running until July 1st. Do you have a project you’re working on or are looking to upgrade and add some more power to your Buick but have been holding off on doing so? Well now is the time! This is one of our biggest sales of the year and you don’t want to pass it up.
    • $200 off of all Assembled TA cylinder heads
    • $100 off of all Bare Casting TA cylinder heads
    • $25 off of No-Hop Traction Bars
    • $25 off of all TA Intake Manifolds (except SP1: Dominator & SP2 QJet)
    • $25 off of Oil Pump Assemblies
    • $20 off of all TA V6 Valve Covers
    • $15 off of all Rear End Girdles (excludes TA V1807 & V1807A)
    • $15 off of TA 2026 Stock Replacement 400-430-455 Balancer
    • $10 off of all Camshafts
    • $10 off of Oil Pump Upgrade Kit (TA 1507/1508, 1502, 1510 & 1704)
    • $10 off of TA 2033A-EXT Budget SFI 400-430-455 Flexplate
    • $10 off of TA V2032A-EXT Budget SFI V6 Flexplate
    • $10 off of TA 2030 Stock 455 Flexplate
    • 10% off all Bolts & Fastener Kits
    • 10% off all Gaskets
    • 10% off all Performance & Adjustable Pushrods
    • 10% off Motor Mounts and Frame Pads
    • 10% off all Timing Sets
    We have also reproduced the cast aluminum thermostat housing/water outlets for the 401-425 Nailhead engines (TA 1535NHA …. $20.00) and `61-`87 196-215-225-231-252-300-340-350-400-430-455,except fuel injected 231 (cast aluminum version of TA 1535).

    Now is also a great time to inquire about our engine building services. If you’re interested in rebuilding your engine or building an entirely new one and want it done by the best, give us a call for a quote. We also offer many other machining services such as:
    • Cylinder Head Porting
    • Competition Valve Jobs
    • Cylinder Head Flow Testing
    • Cylinder Head Pressure Checking
    • Balancing
    • Boring & Honing
    • Block Girdle Installation
    • Block & Head Surfacing
    • Distributor Gear Oiler Installation
    • Distributor Re-curving & Tuning
    • Distributor & Carburetor Restoration
    • Flywheel Grinding
    • Intake Manifold Porting & Port Matching
    • Lifter Bore Girdle Installation
    • Oil Grooving Main Saddles
    • Oil Pump Re-building/Upgrading
    • Oil Modification to Cylinder Blocks
    • O-Ring Block and/or Heads
    • Piston Notching
    • Receiver Groove Block and or Heads
    • Relieving Rockers for Oversized Springs
    • Sonic Testing
    • & Much more
    Remember! - To get the discounts you need to mention during your purchase that you saw the ad.

    Products are subject to availability, sale is limited to quantities on hand. These discounts do not apply to past or future purchases, only purchases made during May 18th - July 1st.
    Hope everyone has a :3gears: summer!
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  2. TA Perf

    TA Perf Member

    Talked to Michael last night and he thought that we should start the "Win Now-Race Later" sale on Monday 18 09. He felt this would give folks more time to get there cars ready for the BPG Nats. I said good idea. Done. Sale starts Monday.
  3. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    Bump for the new date, now May 18th through July 1st. Hope this helps in giving more time if you need some stuff for the BPG race to put together the cars or work on them. Tried to make it a fairly large (covers a lot of products) sale so that there may be something on sale for everyone.
  4. 70Custom

    70Custom Well-Known Member

    Do you have catalogs available? I click the link in the site and it says not available.

    Your site is confusing to me and I don't take my computer to the bathroom for reading material.
  5. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    Yes we have printed catalogs available, give us a call and we'll get one out to you. I'll look into why the link isn't working. Also the catalog is available online in PDF format which gives you the ability to search through it for specific parts or part numbers, and its also in color. You can click the image below to view it.

  6. trisheildfan

    trisheildfan Well-Known Member

    Hey Mike
    Now you have a sale...:Dou:darn, I just bought $1500 worth of goodies within the last month...any chance of getting a lil credit??:dollar:
    Seeing as the economy is the pitts....cant hurt to ask:pp
    PS thx for the quick service on my recent order:TU:
  7. NJBuickRacer

    NJBuickRacer I'd rather be racing...

    Perfect timing, I'm definitely going with the TA heads over the Edelbrocks now:grin:
  8. ckfirestn9

    ckfirestn9 Sean

    I spent a pile in the last couple months too, this is a good reason to spend a little more though. Looking forward to pay day and a few new goodies.

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