Sun visor blues

Discussion in 'Interior City' started by NZ GS 400, May 15, 2021.

  1. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Well, I have the dreaded sun visor droop. Repop supports. I read that oem bushings would solve it but it didn't.
    Unfortunately I don't have the oem supports to try.
    Do you think this is an issue with the repop supports? I am thinking yes.
  2. dukec

    dukec Platinum Level Contributor


    Are you talking about fully installed and in the up position? Then they slowly droop down?

    I have had similar issues with the ones in my convertible.

    Even purchased a pair from a different interior supplier same thing. Tried new support bushings and then shimming with tape to get them tighter. Still nothing.

    I hope someone has a solution.
  3. gokitty

    gokitty Platinum Level Contributor

    If you must have absolute dead on oem appearance, stop here. Had the same problem on my 67 GS400. So, copied the visor set up on my 67 GTO. Mounted rear view mirror convertible bracket from Pontiac. Ordered Pontiac A body visors (supported on both ends) covered in the correct Buick fabric and color from Legendary. Installed. Works like a dream. It looks oem . And it is . For Pontiac. Our GM cousin.
  4. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Hi Duke, yeah just like you said. I tried different kinds of tape too, including friction like in 6769RIV's post.
  5. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Good suggestion. At least there is a work around. Thanks.
  6. Chi-Town67

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  7. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    Thanks Nick.

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