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Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by custom sky, Oct 17, 2002.

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    I posted this in sparkys corner but I thought I would ask here also. I am putting in a quick disconnect wire harness on my starter. There are two wires that go to the main terminal on the starter solenoid. I want to replace the fuseable links that are on both of these wires. The ones on there now look like they could short out on the chassis. I can't find replacement fuseable links. Does any one have any sugestions as to what I can use. If any one has pictures of any thing they have done like this please let me know. Thanks.
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    you might try taking your old ones to radio shack or napa and see if they can tell what size the wires and the fusible links are. I can't personally recommend this but I just installed new wire without the links and I have not had any electrical problems(yet):Brow: surely someone out there can give us a second opinion as I know we can't be the only ones with this question on our minds. J.W. whats your take on this? please enlighten us oh wise one:Smarty:
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    I looked every where!:af:
    No one around here has any fuseable links to replace the old ones. I talked to a friend of mine who is a long time mechanic that seems to forget more about cars than I hope to learn. He said there is only a small draw on the wires and that a 30 amp fuse should be more than sufficiant.:grin: That makes life a lot easier. Since there are two wires to handle the load each wire with a 30 amp fuse should be more than sufficient to handle any draw the car can put on it and still give out if there is ever a shorting problem.
    The only fuseable links that I could find where for a ford compact car. the instructions said to use a link that was two sizes smaller than the origional wire. The wire I have is 10 ga. which would meen I would need 12 ga. fuseable link. If the 12 ga wire will handle the load I don't see why the regular 30 amp fuses wouldn't.

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