SNIPER EFI on my Twin Turbo SBB

Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by Sebambam, Jan 3, 2021.

  1. Sebambam

    Sebambam Well-Known Member

    Hey guys i thought i post this in this section since i feel like the sbb section doesnt really care for technology improvements ( lol)

    i had planned for a long time to re-do my sbb twin turbo build.
    Its a .30 over SBE SBB, Ported/Big valved Iron heads , SP3 intake, a custom Scotty Brown cam.
    Fuel system was set up back then witha RobbMC Surge tank with intank e- fuel pump through a RobbMC Boost referenced fp regulator.

    after some headaches with tune and blowthrough Carb i was fed up with the car for a while and focused on other projects (such as my 72 Pro Lark)

    I got a Holley Super Sniper + Hyperspark Ign a little bit ago and had it sitting on the shelf waiting for it to get put on my SBB.

    now here we go.
    I also decided to go through the engine without doing to much, so i ended up with some new gaskets, inspection, and a lack of paint.
    I solved the Turbo manifold leaks with some remflex gaskets and re-fitted the Intake.

    Now i will re- route some turbo oiling lines ( feed & drain)
    I am fabbing a Charge Pipe/BOV pipe to go NO IC. since i want to eliminate piping and use the "KISS" method.
    The SNIPER is on it and will make this TURBO SBB ( hopefully) fully adjustable/tune sync'd in terms of timing and boost/fuel control.

    i also decided to take out the stock th350( was leaking) and picked up a Chevy TH400 HD ( i have a adapter plate ) i will inspect, clean, and put a shift kit into the TH400 as well as the 3000Stall Nitrous converter that i have already ( almost new) i will probably need a new driveshaft but that is OK.

    i will document the steps of this build/setup so there is a guideline for others that looking into EFI + power adders.

    PS: i also sold the Pro touring style 04" GTO seats that where in the car and i am looking to get the Bench seats from my 72 upholstered to blend in.
    + i have a set of Weld Draglites so i am looking into OLDSKOOL 15" drag ( lite) look.

    20201226_200118.jpg 20201230_202554.jpg 20201227_184701.jpg 20201231_212236.jpg 20210101_164406.jpg
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  2. Sebambam

    Sebambam Well-Known Member

    Motor mockup done..
    Should fit well.
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  3. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    Silly question is there a particular reason you are wanting to use the chevy bellhouse and plate rather than run a HD case bop 400???
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  4. Sebambam

    Sebambam Well-Known Member

    Yea $$$
    I didnt find a bop th400 for my use.

    I got a previously rebuild gmc th400 for 200$ and I had a conversion plate from way back when I bought my 68' It pays of to hold on to some stuff lol.
    Trans is done too.
  5. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    Looks very nice, dont forget the converter well need to be spaced the thickness ofvthe transmission adapter
  6. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    I felt the blow through carb pain. I got the carb working pretty good for go fast, start and idle. Never could get it consistent for mid range and light throttle cruise. I went with Fitech, I hear all the crap about them but mine works great, Bobb Makely's works great, one of my car show buddies has one that works great, we must be doing something wrong.
  7. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    I think the alot of the issues ppl have with several of those units is more installing errors......crimps not proper connections, not great grounds and powers, etc.
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  8. Sebambam

    Sebambam Well-Known Member

    It's in there already. It's a 3k stall nitrous converter with low miles on it out of my th350.
    The spacer goes on the flywheel once I marry trans and motor
  9. Sebambam

    Sebambam Well-Known Member

    I agree its installation issues and not reading the manual. If it says it needs chassis ground , give it freaking chassis ground.
    I did the terminator x on my LS Clark's and there it's the same, people who complain just have a bad installation and splice into everywhere...
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  10. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Good update!
  11. Sebambam

    Sebambam Well-Known Member

    Long time no update on this one.
    Yea I am always doing to much. You can read it on the BENCH forum here I bought a 69 C10 and I will swap a stock 455/th400 in it. I refreshed the 455 already and will add a shift kit to the th400.
    Then I will shorten the LWB to a SWB.

    But 1st I have to get the 68 GS TT running .
    I started installing the Sniper and finished up the main wiring of the Sniper, fans, and fuel surge tank today. I really need to be in the mood for wiring. Its definitely not my favourite but when I'm on it I want it organized and need.
    20210502_165709.jpg 20210502_165735.jpg
    Next thing is to put the starter back on.
    And make the trans cooling lines as well as getting a drive shaft made.
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