Small World? Medford, Grants Pass, Ancestry DNA success

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    My wife's father was married 3 times and had children in each marriage. In his first marriage he and his wife gave up a son for adoption. The son was raised knowing he was adopted and searched for his family. Even hiring a Private Investigator. My wife's family even knew of this adopted child as Aunts and Uncles talked about this. Unfortunately all of the searching was done using the wrong name and was never successful.
    Well we all know about Ancestry DNA and one day one of my wife's halfling sibling, Bill, received a phone call from Dennis Mertens. He indicated this DNA test said we are related and Bill, knowing this was a phone call he may receive, knew this was for real.
    Dennis and his wife Connie are from the Grants Pass, Medford area. I believe they were in Washington for a time as well. Dennis is an INCREDIBLE guitar player and has toured as a lead guitarist. Dennis used to play for Pat Boone Hour and Andrae.
    Because our group covers so much of the country and the talent Dennis has, someone knows of him. I've got to ask if anyone has heard of Dennis and Connie (Constance) Mertens?

    Dennis and Connie are second and third from the left.

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    Dont know of him but the music rocks! Our very own #David Butts pays like that also.
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