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  1. 68 BE225

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    There's a huge price range in shocks. I'd like to improve my ride and after looking at my shocks I think the cheapest ones will do that for me. What do I get by spending more? where's the point of diminishing return? What do you use and are you happy with the ride?
  2. 65WILDKAT


    Ebay Has

    I just saw some shocks on Ebay for Buicks at a real good price and they are Gaberials <---can't spell :mad:
    Look under the parts section and and type in 65 Buicks they will show up.
  3. David G

    David G de-modded....

    KYB gas-a-just shocks are only about $29/ea, give a great ride, and Summit ships free UPS, + a handling fee.
  4. buickman71

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    sorry to invade but i am trying to have the stifest rear end due to my tires so they dont rub..ehat kind of shocks do i buy..i want the stiffest rear end ever!..any help

  5. 12lives

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    Kyle - Go with the air shocks. You can make them as stiff as you want.

    68 - BE225 - JC Whitney and Kanters sells 4 shocks for $100 for older cars. For a nice ride and good handling they are a good value. Monroe Sensatrac are better shocks available at Advance/Zone/Pep boys etc and are usually on sale for $25. I'm not sure if they are available for 68s. The KYBs are a little more money and a little better shock. Again. not sure if they make them for your car.
    - Bill
  6. 70 gsconvt

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    I use Edelbrock's IAS shocks. They offer a good ride when driving normally, but when you turn hard or dive into a corner, they REALLY firm up and I have little to no body roll. I love them. They are a little $$ at $69 each, though.

    If you just want a rearend that doesn't move, put air bags in the rear springs and pump them up to about 15 lbs. of pressure. Here's the link at Jegs to get them:
  7. 68 BE225

    68 BE225 Well-Known Member

  8. David G

    David G de-modded....

    Sorry Mike, it's been a couple years since I ordered for my GS, and I ordered from Shockwarehouse back then. I also have no idea if A-body shocks would be the same for your car.
  9. 68 BE225

    68 BE225 Well-Known Member

    Would there be any problem or advantage running Monroe Sensatrac in the front and KYB Gas-a-just in the rear?
  10. 68 BE225

    68 BE225 Well-Known Member

    So these guys just slip inside the rear springs and off you go? Can you inflate with a compressor or do you need to get all that other hoopla with under the dash gages and tanks?
  11. Jim68Skylark

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    My Riv has KYB up front and Gabriel in rear.

    If you go to Summit

    put in your car model in top left keyword search box, you'll come up with shocks amongst other items for your car.

    if you click the model number of shocks on left you will see the detail box. On bottom is a fitment tab which gives all the years and models the part number fits.

  12. projectman

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    Monroe is having a sale buy three get one free on the sensa-trac. Its one of those deals where you have to send in the flap from the box and the recipt, and they mail you a check. Mine just showed up today, I have to remember to mail of that thing.
    I think Monroes are fine... well anything is better than the worn out ones on the car.
  13. 70 gsconvt

    70 gsconvt Silver Level contributor

    The rear air bags slip right in the springs. You don't have to remove anything. Just slip the bags in empty, place the bottom plate in place and run the air hose through the bottom and attach. I ran my lines on top of the gas tank and ran separate lines to each bag, for racing purposes. You can mount the ends behind your license plate. There are two perfect slots/holes back there. Easy access and nobody will ever see them. You're only filling these bags to probably 20 lbs. max, so any compressor can handle it.
  14. jamyers

    jamyers 2 gallons of fun

    Hmm...I've got the KYB's on the front, Air Shocks on the back, and I LOVE IT!!! Great ride, and I can adjust when towing. The KYB is the ONLY shock I found that would not only keep the front end under control, but last longer than a year, and the air shocks aren't near as stiff as other shocks I tried. The rear doesn't need a lot of stiffness, compared to the front.

    I'm REALLY trying to find a KYB for you, but: I dug around on Monroe's website , and it seems that:
    '68-'70 Buicks used a front shock (Monroe #5815) with stem mounting on the top, and a bushing-and-sleeve mount on the bottom, with 8.75" compressed length, 13.25" extended length, and 4.5" travel.

    In '71, Buick went to one (Monroe #5801) with stem mounting on the top, but cross-pin mounting on the bottom, and 9.25" comp length, 14.375" ext length, and 5.125" travel.

    Interestingly enough, the '68 full-sized Olds' and Pontiacs used the later Buick shock...did they get the "new" front end before Buick???

    Anyway, if you can find some KYB's, get them! They aren't as expensive as other brand name shocks, and they're GRRRRREAT!
  15. 68 BE225

    68 BE225 Well-Known Member

    James thanks for your effort. I've sent an email to KYB to see if they can suggest something. There seams to be a gap for many parts in the late 60's for the electra. Makes it more fun I guess. :)

    Has anyone used the Kanter front end rebuild kit? Good, Bad, something better/cheaper?

    Look, I've hyjacked my own thread. lol
  16. jamyers

    jamyers 2 gallons of fun

    Glad to help! :beer

    Did some more digging, and the following Monroe shocks have the same top mounting, and either right at or better than collapsed/extended/travel lengths. The only external difference I can find is the lower mount, the Buick has a 7/16 X 3-1/16 "loop", and the others vary as indicated:

    Monroe Shock # / lower "loop" size
    32113 / 12mm X 1.25"
    32245 / 5/8 X 1.5"
    37077 / 12mm X 1.25"
    truck shock #911077 / 12mm X 1.25"

    I couldn't find any application / cross reference data online except that the 32113 fits an '83 Isuzu diesel pickup(?), maybe your local parts guy can help.

    Offhand, the Buick shock is one of the shortest ones listed, and has the biggest lower mount. Go figure... :Do No:

    If it was me and I couldn't get the KYB's, I'd go with the Monroe Sens-A-Trac, I've never tried them but have heard good things. :Smarty:
  17. 68 BE225

    68 BE225 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your input everyone. KYB says they don't have anything to fit the front. so I went for the 4 for 3 deal on the sens-a-tracs. New springs are coming from Eaton and a front end rebuild kit from Kanter. Next weekend should be fun.

    Thanks again!
  18. jamyers

    jamyers 2 gallons of fun

    You're welcome, and good luck on the Bee-yootiful Electra!!! :TU:

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