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    I'm reading and want to know more.
    Its says here a typical passenger car will have 60% of its weight on the front wheels and 40% on its rear.

    And a race car will have 45%up-front and 55 percent on the rear wheels.

    How does one get those weights if he was trying to figure it out on his car.

    And Center of Gravity (CG) height. How do you figure that out?

    This interest me because of the swaps I'll be doing.
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    I haven’t measured the weight front and rear but my car scaled in at 2980 pounds. Almost all the weight was removed from the front end. Fiberglass front clip, alum core support, 400 pound alum headed 350, no radio, no windshield wipers, no heater, battery located in the trunk.

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    Lots of math

    See pics,

    the hard one is figuring out raised wheel base length. Blue highlights is ab example

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