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    Pricing Racing for Friday only is $20; Saturday only is $35 and Sunday only is $40.
    Spectators pay $7 on Friday, and $10 on Saturday or Sunday. Kids 6-11 are $4 all days, and under 6 are

    Saturday all Buick Car Show is hosted by the Indiana Chapter GSCA.
    All judging will be by the car show entrants. In the past Plaques were awarded for the following classes:
    Gran Sport all years (Hard Top & Convertible)
    Turbo Buick All years
    General Buick Class
    Buick Powered Cars or Buicks with over 5 modifications
    Plus one - Peoples Choice Trophy

    Friday August. 21
    4:00pm The Osceola Dragway gates open. Test & Tune - All makes all models.
    7:00pm Cruise Night planned at Simonton Lake Drive In - 51602 State Road 19 - Elkhart, IN
    A 50s style drive in staff who will deliver food to your car.

    Saturday, August. 22
    8:00am Gates open
    8:00am ~12:00pm Car Show - Sponsored by the INGSCA
    9:00am Time Trials/Test & Tune/ begin (Test and Tune between Time Trial Runs)
    9:30am BCO/Quick 16 Qualifying Round 1
    9:45am TSM/TSO Qualifying Round 1
    10:00am Turbo Regal Alcohol Class
    10:30am BCO/Quick 16 Qualifying Round 2
    10:45am TSM/TSO Qualifying Round 2
    11:30am TSM Qualifying Round 3
    12:00pm - 12:30pm ~ Car Show Awards Presentation
    12:30pm Drivers Meeting - Base of Tower
    1:00pm Eliminations Start
    TSM Ladies Race BCO Race Quick 16 TR Alcohol Class
    ??pm Run until Finished ~~ Time to Socialize.
    6:00pm Dinner for Sponsors and Volunteers - Between the Buns, Elkhart, IN.

    Sunday, August. 23
    8:00am Gates open
    9:00am Time Trials/ Test & Tune Begin
    9:30am TSO Qualifying Round 3
    11:00am TSO Qualifying Round 4
    12:00 - 12:30pm Track Closed - Preparation
    12:30pm Drivers Meeting - Base of Tower
    1:30pm Eliminations Begin
    *TSO *Bracket 1 *Bracket 2
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    Just a thought, you need to schedule a time trial run for just the Ladies Race in case one of them just might be running the old man's car or somebody else's, but maybe not maybe all the Ladies have their own cars, Beth, Amy, Annie(you'll be there, right), Lisa, etc. oh, me too!

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