Removing 350 Dipstick Tube

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by 72 V Code, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. 72 V Code

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    Hey All,
    I'm almost embarrassed to ask this but is there a trick to removing the dipstick tube on a Buick 350?I have the dipstick out and have removed the only 2 bolts i see that attach the tube,one small one and a larger one down in behind the exhaust manifold,hard as heck to get to,now shouldn't the tube just pull out?Or do i need to take the oil pan off and take something loose from in there?The exhaust manifold is still on and the engine is still in the car.Don't want to bend the tube or crimp it as i have it sold and need to get it off.Never dreamed i run into snag on this.....:mad:
  2. LARRY70GS

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    I'm sure it just pulls straight out. I bought a dipstick and tube for my 455 and it attached with just 1 bolt near the exhaust stove. Nothing on the bottom, just pushed it in with some grease. It was a tight fit, took me awhile, just kept rotating and pushing gently. Try spraying it down with PBblaster or WD-40.
  3. 72 V Code

    72 V Code 71 72 GS GSX Fan

    I'll Spray It Down

    Thanks for the tip,i'll spay it down where the tube enters with WD-40 and let it soak awhile.I thought it should pull right out after removing the 2 bolts.Let me tell you i pulled so hard on it today that my stomach muscles are sore:eek2: Think i might have strained something-ouch!
    I put the wire pliers on it once,but saw right away that was going to crimp it if i put much brute force on it.Just when you think you seen it all something new rear's it's ugly head:moonu:
    Guess i'll get it out sooner or later......Jeff
  4. BillMah52

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    I have run into this same problem on several occassions.
    Snapped a few before an older hotrodder than myself gave me a little helpful tech advice.
    Go out to the hardware store and buy the miniature version of what I call a wonder bar (carpenter tool). Its a very small nail and tack puller.
    Has a flat end and a 90* bent end. Has V-notches.
    Place the flat end v-notch flat against the block where the tube flange(bulge) meets. If you have to - tap gently around the tube as far as you can reach.
    This should break the seal enough so you can GENTLY twist it out.
    Good Luck! :grin:
  5. 72 V Code

    72 V Code 71 72 GS GSX Fan

    Got it Out!

    In case anyone is interested i got the tube out.One of those supposed easy jobs that went to hell in a heartbeat!
    Thank s for the tips.I'm sure it would have been much easier if the engine was out and on a stand.

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