Rebuild Stock AFB or Get new Carb?

Discussion in 'Carter' started by Jasonq64, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Jasonq64

    Jasonq64 1964 Rivi

    I have a 64 Riviera with the 425. All stock with original
    Carter AFB Carb. The carb is in definite need of a rebuild. I was wondering if I would be better off just getting a new carb instead of rebuilding this one. Perhaps a new Edelbrock. The reason I am thinking of this is I want to put a nice Edelbrock Airfilter on it and the early model AFB's have a 4 7/8" flange where as new carbs have the 5 1/8" flange that all the new airfilters have. They do make an adapter but it raises the AirCleaner too much an the hood will not close without some adaption. Can anyone suggest whether I would be better to get a new carb or rebuild the old one and forget the new aircleaner? If a new carb would be good, which one and what size? Any ideas?


  2. Buford

    Buford Old guy member

    Jason: If you don't mind messing with the air cleaner/fuel inlet/throttle arm issues that are involved with a swap, go for it. A 425 nailhead can handle a 750 cfm if you need total performance, a 625 cfm will be adequate for a non racing Rivi and have better street behaviour. Either one will be jetted richer than the stock AFB, and affect mileage. If it was me, I would rebuild the '64 AFB and not get into adaptabiliy and tuning issues. Your 425 with the original carb will have plenty of power. Good luck, Frank
  3. Jasonq64

    Jasonq64 1964 Rivi

    What if I was to put on a newer Carter AFB...With the Larger Flange? Would the throttle arm and fuel inlet be be the same or would it still be an issue. I bought a Edelbrock air cleaner assembly and it will not fit the older Carter without the adapter which makes it to high for the hood clearance.

    Thanks for your help
  4. Buford

    Buford Old guy member

    The Edelbrock and Carter are basically the same carburetor...minor jetting differences. Fuel inlet, throttle arm and mounting flange are identical. They are (were) made at the same factory. It is my understanding that the Carter brand is now defunct, after about a hundred years of success, possibly purchased by Edelbrock. Later, Frank.
  5. carbking

    carbking carburetion specialist

    My vote would be to rebuild the original; as everything fits, and the carb is specifically calibrated for your engine.

    While the e-clone can be made to work; making it work close to as well as a rebuilt original means changing a minimum of all 4 jets, the metering rods, the secondary air valve, and the vacuum pistons springs.

    To make it work as well as original would mean modifying the pressed-in idle jets, restrictors and air bleeds (pressed into the venturi clusters). It probably will not work better than the original.


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