Race Info for the TX Buick Nationals 2014

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    This will be a bracket event with a max of five classes but there may be less but no less than two classes. Pending car count and ET's

    5 class scenario
    Class A 10.99 and faster
    Class B 11.00-11.99
    Class C 12.00-12.99
    Class D 13.00 -13.99
    Class E 14.00 and slower

    4 class scenario
    Class A 11.99 and faster
    Class B 12.00-12.99
    Class C 13.00-13.99
    Class D 14.00 and slower

    3 class scenario
    Class A 11.99 and faster
    Class B 12.00 - 13.99
    Class C 14.00 and slower

    2 class scenario
    Class A 12.50 and faster
    Class B 12.51 and slower

    After Time trials we will set the classes, there will be a drivers meeting before Eliminations start. It is $10 to bracket. This $10 may be collected at the gate or in the drivers meeting this is to be determined.

    Example only: 40 cars and 4 classes that is $400.00. $100.00 to each class winner. The more cars the bigger the payouts.
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    Ok a few updates and a small change on the time.

    Of course the gates will open at 12 Noon for our group, the track will be ready for time trials by 1pm and we will run TnT until about 430pm. We will have the track to ourselves until the regular street night crowd starts coming in around 4pm. There will be a drivers meeting after TnT to set the classes and we will start eliminations around 5-530pm.

    It will be $10 at the gate to race (TnT) or watch. At the drivers meeting is when you'll pay your $10 to bracket. We'll have a table set up in the pits to collect your bracket $$.

    still working on the Host Motel. Sta tuned

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