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Discussion in 'Other' started by GS4551970, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. GS4551970

    GS4551970 70 Buick GS 455

    Are Proform carbs any good? I see there alot cheaper than Holleys. Is that because there not as good or whats the reason.I was looking at the proform 950 and the holley HP1000
  2. Tim

    Tim Silver Level contributor

    I asked this same question of Jim Burek for my set up and here is his answer:

    TA 286-08h would work good, I would go with a proform 950 over a holley, the perofrmer intake should be fine, but an sp1 will make more power from about 3000 up. Of course the heads are the most important part, what do they flow? Who did them? Jim Burek

  3. GS4551970

    GS4551970 70 Buick GS 455

    Thanks,Tim for the reply. has anyone had any experiance with one. Would like to here your opinions.
  4. El Camino SS

    El Camino SS Active Member

    I've had a Proform 750 on my 70 El Camino for about a year now. Its a real nice carb, but with way to many tuning options on it for me. Not sure if it was my motor setup or the carb, but it was very finiky. I sure that it had to do with the air bleeds in it. One of the nicest things I liked about it was the fuel bowl feed options; it was very easy to adapt it to either a driver's side or passenger side fuel feed.

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