Poll Tx Buick Nats 2014 which track would you prefer?

Discussion in 'Texas Buick Nationals' started by Regal1, Aug 24, 2013.


Which track do you prefer?

Poll closed Nov 22, 2013.
  1. TX Motorplex Ennis

  2. San Antonio Raceway

  3. Temple Little River Dragway

  4. Dallas Raceway Crandall

  5. Houston Raceway

  6. Denton Dragway

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  1. Regal1

    Regal1 Well-Known Member

    This is just to what the consenses is out there on what track you would like to see this event at
  2. JR Wills

    JR Wills Well-Known Member

    Temple is about Centered, & it is a Fun Strip. (Keep hearing Dueling Banjos when I go there, LOL)
    John Schmidt was "Scared" of the shut down area, running the 1/4. Billy Bunch, was shaken up enough with his Vega Funny car, that after a Run, he pulled up to the Bar, at the far end, went in & got a Beer!! :laugh: (Unless You running in the 8's in the 1/4,You shouldn't have any problems)
    Fun to Run Strip, that is very Retro, for those that have never been there. One of the last tracks with actual Shade as well.
  3. wovenweb

    wovenweb Platinum Level Contributor

    I'm in San Antonio, only reason I voted for it. Temple seems like a nice compromise for those of us from Dallas or San Antonio.

    PS Relatively new to Texas also, so distances and times to get to places are beyond my understanding right now.
  4. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    I haven't been to the Temple track, but from what I hear y'all saying, it sounds nice. I like the shade thing.
  5. 1drwgn

    1drwgn Poor Gearhead

    I do gave to say the track prep at Littke River was impressive, they prep the1/8 like crazy, it would pull your shoes off at the 1/8th. the rest of the quarter was clean asphalt, but i couldn't tell the transition running 11's

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