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  1. Mike Bucy

    Mike Bucy Administrator Staff Member

    A little big there Phil. Did I just say "little big" :Do No:

    800 width works the best.
  2. kmill28

    kmill28 Member

    I'm new to the site and having problems with uploading my profile pic. I resized it to much smaller than the requirements and it still says upload failed. Any suggestion?

  3. 75Riv

    75Riv A.K.A. Harry Clamshell

    Maybe due to the amount of your posts here (less than 10) :Do No:
  4. kmill28

    kmill28 Member


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  5. 12lives

    12lives We do these things not because they are easy,

    X2 on GIMP!

    - Bill
  6. uwasbuick

    uwasbuick NO, IT'S NOT A CHEVELLE!

  7. Kingfish

    Kingfish Well-Known Member


    Mods, i am new at this. Correct size or too big?
  8. 63-CAT

    63-CAT Ron

  9. crawdadman

    crawdadman Well-Known Member

    My profile pic shows up in my profile but not on my posts?

    STAGE2PAT Well-Known Member

  11. Hoping to post profile picture.

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