opinions on this Quadrajet chromate finish? original?

Discussion in 'About Us' started by techg8, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    Ken, Howabout non stick teflon? Repels dirt and grease.
  2. SteeveeDee

    SteeveeDee Orange Acres

    Man, wouldn't that be nice! Coat the whole engine compartment with it, and just hose it off once in awhile. No more scrubbing every little corner.
  3. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    The middle carb gets my vote, and that's what I remember the service replacements looking like out of the box. That said, it's been 30 years since....

    It's a nice problem to have, having to choose between so many finish options.

    Please let me know when you have the process nailed down, I have a M4M just waiting for a home....
  4. 87GN_70GS

    87GN_70GS Well-Known Member

    You sure have gotten them super close to original IMO, and what I would want
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  5. Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart Well-Known Member

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