open air cleaner assembly for a '67 ?

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    I'd like to try an open air cleaner assembly on my stock '67 400 (happy w/the StarWars assembly,this is an experiment). Going through EBay,I can find setups(base,filter,top,threaded stud and wing nut) for around $30.00 shipped. But which one to get? Flat bottom?Recessed bottom? Filter height? Tried the stock open air assembly from my 67 GTO,but the base interferes with the linkage,etc on the GS400. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    On my 69 350 ( cast intake , EP qjet , 1" spacer ) it's got a 14x3 drop base on it . It's a KN top , KN filter so I'm guessing it's a KN base ? Bought it used . Maybe I'll take a quick pic with lid off and check for logo etc .
    edit : didn't see any info on base . couple pics . basic qjet , basic air cleaner base looks like .
    Edit : the distance between the drop to air horn and the drop to filter might be the difference and probably different between certain suppliers . That's a guess .

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