One more 1964 wagon frame question

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by Charlie_in_OC, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Charlie_in_OC

    Charlie_in_OC Member

    1964 Special wagon (115" W.B.) non-boxed frame.

    Any one know if a 1964-1967 El Camino frame will interchange?
  2. superbuickguy

    superbuickguy Well-Known Member

    how soon do you need an answer. I have a 64 Buick wagon, my dad has a 65 Malibu SS (on a El Camino frame - he just had to shorten the part behind the axle)..... I'll see if I can get some pictures from him then compare to what I'm building... but that will take a week or two.
  3. Charlie_in_OC

    Charlie_in_OC Member

    @superbuickguy , Thank you!

    Currently there are 3 64-67 ElCo's being parted out local to me.

    In addition to the factory boxed frame, have the luxury to do all of the suspension, brake lines, fuel lines etc on a bare frame would be a huge plus. Plans are UMI Corner Max, or stage 5 depending on budget, Holley Sniper EFI on a SBB 350/700r4 combo with 98-02 Camaro 4 wheel disc and a 10 bolt rear unless I find a 12 bolt at a reasonable cost.

    There is a thread in the Pro-Touring section that mentions using the ElCo boxing sections on the original frame, or using the ABC Performance boxing kit. Both are valid options, but I am limited on space. I have access to a 2 post lift at a friends business but having a shell of a car on it for a extended period of time would be a deal-breaker.
  4. superbuickguy

    superbuickguy Well-Known Member

    My thread "Buinicorn" details what I did for suspension on mine. I may yet put a cage in the car (as hidden as possible) so boxing really isn't a consideration - my opinion, and lord knows there are plenty in this arena, is a cross brace and a cage are the most important additions to make them handle. Boxing is nice too, but in my experience, most cars have plenty of longitudinal strength - it's cross strength or latitudinal where the biggest problems lie. Lucky Costa of HR Garage fame, is building a 64 Chevelle wagon, and he's using a system that is a bit more money but far more effective at strengthening the frame... (example )

    As for suspension, I've found the "B-body" conversion plus large sway bars will make these cars handle amazingly. It used to be a wrecking yard crawl plus tubular upper control arms - now most use the geometry of the B-body kit. Put a quick-ratio box on the frame. On the rear, boxed, lower control arms then poly everything. Tie the lower arms together and you will be amazed - and your checkbook will be happy too.... I've done this suspension now 3x, there are lots of people in eurotrash cars that never expect the last one (a 70 Skylark with a 455 and 4 speed) to lay a hurt on them on the autocross.... yet it did. Often.

    Brakes - B-body police cars have 12" front rotors, I did a rear disk brake conversion from a 77-79 Seville (same as IROC)... current car has drum rear because it's first task is to lay a hurt on someone who badmouthed GNX motors....
  5. superbuickguy

    superbuickguy Well-Known Member

    I talked to my dad today, the only thing he did with the el-co frame on his 65 Malibu SS was shorten it behind the rear wheels (after powder coating, oops). it's still a guess, but educated one that the elco frame will fit without mod to the station wagon.... be pretty easy to toss a tape measure and get a dimension from the shock mount to the rear on both frames.... everything in front of that point is the same.

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