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    This happened in the year 1992.Well I'm driving east and across the street a few guy's are calling me.It's a calm Friday afternoon,I make a left on the next light and go to the guy's.They tell me that this guy has a 71 BBB with nitrous.He is a very nice oriental gent and he states to me that he has never be beaten by another Buick and do I want to race him.He is not talking about money,so I said why not.So we drive to the racing spot,there's a light there,so we line up and at the green we take off.At the end of the 1/8 of a mile I just get off the gas,as he was far back of me.We go back to the spot where we met and he comes over and tells me that no way I could beat him that bad without the laughing gas.I open the hood and tell him:look for yourself.He looks and there's no nitrous,scratches his head and leaves.A week later he sells the car to a kid I knew.Bruno
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    Very cool!
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    Just another fool who messed with the KING:)
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    That’s a great story Bruno!!!
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    Yes John and all the other guy's here.At that time racing from light to light was very common,but,like many city guy's we had places where it was safe to race the 1/4 ,and we used them pretty often.That's why I have so many stories.Jason told a story about me not long ago about going to Queens,the next county,but it has over 3 maybe 4 million people live in it.He went to this buss to give them a estimate on work they wanted done.The owner had a picture of a Chevy,and Jason asked who was the fan of muscle cars.they said all of them.He inquired about what they liked,one said Chevy,another fFord and on.They asked him what he liked and he told them Buick.One of them said: Do you know Bruno?Jason was taken back from that.Bruno.
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