Oil feed line and restricter plugs

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    Using a TA external oil pump into a remote filter. This is an aluminum block with redesigned oil passages. Two outputs, one into old oil sender location and one into oil galley at rear of block. The lifter galley also had the restrictor fittings at the rear of the block. Do I need to use these restrictors or will there be enough oil flow without them?
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    What do the restrictors in your Bulldog block look like Jim?... size?

    The answer is based on a question : what are they restricting?

    I don't know of any lifter manufacturer that does not specifically warn against restricting the oil to the lifters, but I also know plenty of guys do it. I personally just put plugs in the restrictor holes in the TA block, and restrict the upper end oiling via pushrod orifices if required.

    Now, with that said, if your using the TA version of the scavenger oil filter cover adapter setup, then it has three ports on it.

    Input from the oil pan.

    Output to the oil filter.

    By-pass... That has a external pressure relief setup, which exhausts oil to that port, where you ten plumb it back into the supply side of the system.

    So see if he is just dumping it in the valley, which is not what you want to do.

    Here is a better option.. Get a thick alum block off plate for the fuel pump, and tap a fitting in it to dump the oil back into the block there.. spraying oil on the timing chain makes them live nearly forever.. the one motor that work with that has this setup, has a big solid roller with timing chain stretching valve spring pressures..

    It's had the same chain on it for 10 years, 800 passes, and 2 freshen ups.. and the only reason that is happening is the oil being sprayed on the chain.

    So take a good look at what you really have there, pictures would be helpful too.

    Here is a couple of the setup here..

    DSC02179.JPG DSC02181.JPG

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    Thanks Jim. Have the bipass going into fuel pump block off plate and also return from separate Tilton electric pump that is used to prime oil for cold start and 2 way valve to use for a cooler. The restricter was in from original build. Didn't think I should keep them. The restrictor has a 0.08 bleed hole. Was thinking of at least enlarging them. Pictues to show remote filter, one inlet from TA pump and the other input is for pre start up. The output has an additional output so was thinking of adding a line for lifter gallies and removing the restictors? The Pan is a deep sump removal sump that has two AN fitting welded in so one is for TA pump and the other is for the Tilton prime/cooler system. Know it's difficult to follow.

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