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Discussion in 'Products and Services' started by TABuickMike, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    Hello everybody, I'd like to announce that the Roller Cam cores for the TA Performance Aluminum 455 block are in! These are how the Buick cams should have been! The cam has a huge base circle which will allow for more aggressive cam profiles in our Buick's and a 2.124" Ford bearing journal size. It may be hard to tell from the pictures, but the lobes on this cam are huge compared to the traditional Buick cam.

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  2. GSX1

    GSX1 GSX1

  3. 2791 lark custo

    2791 lark custo Gold Level Contributor

    Always nice to have more choices for our cars
  4. TA Perf

    TA Perf Member

    My good friend Jim Bell of Kenne-Bell would have named this "CAMZILLA". I should have made this stuff years ago.
  5. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD" Staff Member

    4-7 swap????:laugh: Man those lobes are huge. The Tomahawk needs to breathe though.
  6. TA Perf

    TA Perf Member

    Yes, it is a 4-7 swap
  7. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    for the base circle to be larger, wouldn't the cam tunnel need to be moved ?
  8. BuickNut70

    BuickNut70 Silver Level contributor

    I thought I had to save for a cam swap:Dou: Now I have to save for one of these blocks:TU:
  9. slimfromnz

    slimfromnz Kiwi Abroad

    Cam and roller followers $?
  10. badbuik

    badbuik Well-Known Member

    I was waiting for a call about these.... Now I just need to know how much, I guess I'll have to call tomorrow.
    Gary G.
  11. badbuik

    badbuik Well-Known Member

    Do you also have the cam bearings???
    Gary G.
  12. TA Perf

    TA Perf Member

    Just received them. Yes, I have come up with a rear grove, 3 hole cam bearing that is wider than the standard Ford bearings. Very similar to our dual groove TA1559. TA ROL500-1 cam core $385.00
  13. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    This is for Mike at T/A Performance, have you tried talkin to L.S.M. Engineering Systems, here is there web site I have dealt with this company several times for custom cams and springs, Some of the stuff is cheap in price but not cheap parts by far. Talk to Steve sr. He is good, He can make any roller cams you want and profile any engine to farther better it. I already talked to him on my uncles 455 bbb on a roller set up, hyd, roller cam. He does not have any off the selve cams for buicks nor flat tappet nor roller cams.. Call him. he is a good guy.
  14. TA Perf

    TA Perf Member

    Thanks for the tip. But from what I have checked into with LSM I would never be able to sell the cam core to all you folks for $385.00.
  15. 87GN_70GS

    87GN_70GS Well-Known Member

    When you are limited by the size of the existing cam bearing housing, the way to get more lift is to reduce the base circle, not increase it.
  16. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    That's weird! I can buy a LSM custom cam for that price, Maybe you should ask for the ten or more deal!
  17. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    And to let everyone know, you don't want a bigger base circle at all:Dou: :Dou: :Dou: :Dou: , just contact all your cam manifacture's and they will say the samething:shock: , Smaller base circle, bigger lift. Look at all the monster motors out there, their small base circle cams, I wonder why?:shock:

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