Not a Buick, but keeping me from it! Carb Q for 20hp Merc

Discussion in 'Other' started by Running, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Running Midwest Buick Mafia

    I know this isnt a buick .. but, it's keeping me from working on my BBB because if I don't fix my 20hp merc carb I can't go Duck hunting. If I can't go duck hunting I'll explode. If I explode no BBB..

    Here is the question

    My 20hp Merc lost the choke squirter and wouldn't start. I put a new diaphragm in along with all new gaskets and now it starts right away and runs good. After it runs for a minute at idle or seconds going up river it will run out of gas and quit. It will only run if you pump the primer bulb. I thought it was the float, checked it and it looks ok. Thought I might have put the fuel pump in wrong, checked that sevel times including putting the old gasket / Diaphragm back in.. No luck, keeps stalling after a minute or two.

    Any suggestions?

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