NOS GM Accessory Under Seat Tissue Dispenser. 1971-1976 BUICK.

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    This is an NOS GM accessory under seat tissue dispenser. It comes complete with an unopened box of Kleenex tissues. It fits all 1971-76 BUICK's, with manual or 4-way power bench seats. It also fits other GM passenger car applications for this same period. Has a GM logo on the front.

    It's beige or light tan in color. Although this item is NOS, it does have a surface blemish on the BACK of the dispenser, as shown in one of the photos. This area is totally under the seat, after the dispenser is installed. So, it will never been seen. Actually, I think it could be sanded off, and polished, if it really bothered a guy.

    This nifty GM under seat tissue dispenser has never been mounted or used. It comes with the original box, and is complete, except for the two mounting brackets. These were lost before I acquired the unit. However, I will include the installation sheet, which clearly shows the brackets and their positioning. They are simple pieces of light metal strap, which hook on the underseat ledge and the side of the dispenser.

    The price is $50, plus the shipping. I appreciate you looking! 034 (950x564).jpg 036 (950x583).jpg 047 (950x671).jpg 041 (950x713).jpg 049 (950x713).jpg 053 (950x753).jpg

    The price is $50, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John
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    Wanted to move this nifty NOS item to the top of the list one time. Please send me a PM, if you have any questions. Thanks for looking. John
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