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Discussion in 'Buick Performance Group' started by SS/GN, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. SS/GN

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    I don't see anything on the Summit site ! Is this event a go for this year?

  2. SpecialWagon65

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  3. buick64203

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  4. Jim Rodgers

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  5. sriley531

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    HaHa, I'll just get this out and ready....

  6. Roberta

    Roberta Buick Berta

  7. UNDERDOG350

    UNDERDOG350 350 Buick purestock racer

    Having helped out for a few years you have no idea what it takes to organize an event like this.

    Big thanks to Roberta and Bill giving us this event for so long.
  8. JR Wills

    JR Wills Well-Known Member

    You Hit the Nail on the Head Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People have No idea, what it took to do that Event. Coordination for track date, contacting Vendor/Sponsors, and a lot of times They were griping, & wouldn't get their Sponsorship in until between Thursday or the Monday After the event.
    People committing to help work, and were No Shows, or others Demanding things, because "They" felt They should be catered to.
    No one understood the "behind the scenes" goings on. I couldn't hold a conversation with Bill usually from January, until the Event date, because He was worried about How to make it happen Again.
    When Roberta came it, it was a Big Help, & the Mi.Chapter, but again, There was an Expansion of the Event, with the Show, Dinner Etc. Then, What would the Track Need to get People to work etc.
    Luckily, Norwalk Raceway Park is a 1st Class Venue, as are the Baders, so they worked with Bill & Berta.
    Again, there were the Times, when Door Prizes & similar were needed, (or Expected) & didn't Show. I can't tell You the times He & I were "Shopping" for Oil, Filters, Cleaning supplies, on the way to the Track, only to Hear, "Oh, I don't use Castrol, I Only use Quaker State!" or similar.
    Or there were comments about "They Made To Much Money". That Again was BS!!
    Bill & Berta Always made Sure the Payouts. Were there, and IF You didn't get Your Winnings, I can remember Bill driving to BG, to make Sure Winners were paid the next week, when he didn't have good info on the Tech Cards.
    Monday afternoon, after the event, He & I would sit down (when I was there), and be sending the winnings out to those that didn't pick it up at the Track, making sure it was at the main PO in Youngstown before 5 PM so it would get out that night.
    If there was a Loss, it was Never Shown to the Attendees & Racers. They got Their's 1st thing. If they Broke Even, That was OK. Buick Racers had an Event, and Usually a Top Shelf 1 at that.
    IF there was a Profit, Believe me, It was Earned, and usually Far below Minimum wage.
    People coming & Crying, about This or That. Taking that for 25 Years, finally took it's toll.

    There's Your Can of worms , Ted. :laugh:
  9. Thumper (aka greatscat)

    Thumper (aka greatscat) Well-Known Member

    Well said JR, I remember what was involved when the Penn-Ohio Chapter did the event in Columbus in the '80's and just shared the track with National Trails regular race program. And there is no way to make everyone happy.
  10. turbotimmer

    turbotimmer Number 6

    Sad. I've been to every event since 95, even when they were predicting rainouts. I will miss it for sure. Thanks to you folks for putting it on for so many years.
  11. SS/GN

    SS/GN Well-Known Member

    Well I did not try to open a can of worms and I have to agree most of the world thinks everything is easy. I can only imagine the work and the time it took. Most people are happy complaining and worried about the other guy and what he got. I went 2 years years ago and was all ready to go last year but Mother Nature took care of that. This is sad, I am a car guy and just want to meet and hang around with others that share the passion. Love my Buick but this is a warning that as the hobby shrinks and cars become older we will have fewer of these events and let's be honest these are not Chebys where there is a race or event every weekend somewhere. I use to tell my kids to get along or move along. I would like to thank everyone who helped in this event or any event for these cars. I truly appreciate it

  12. Jim Rodgers

    Jim Rodgers Well-Known Member

    Come to Bowling Green Kentucky in September for the GS Nationals for great times. Great Buick event Since 1981!
  13. JR Wills

    JR Wills Well-Known Member

    Bill & I Agree, the Event Flyers were Always included in the Norwalk Goody Bags, IF sent , & always promoted that Event & others.
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  14. jalopi42

    jalopi42 Don't Wait

    that's good enough for me GS NATS or BUST:TU:
  15. bobbybuick

    bobbybuick Well-Known Member

    I remember one year I got to the QTR finals,went like 3 rounds or something .Put the car in the trailer and after the event drove home.About a week later phone rings at the house .It was Bill hey i got some money for you .I was like why,He says you got 50 bucks coming you want me to mail it or i can bring it to BG.

    Ill never forget that call.He didn't have to do that .I know it was only 50 bucks but for me you can tell alot about a person with a few little hints .I learned about Bill Willls that day ..ill Never Forget it
  16. Jclstrike

    Jclstrike Well-Known Member

    I have attended the event when I could and always thought the event was great and everyone involved did a great job! Sad to see it come to an end but Thank you for the good times hanging out with fellow buick lovers and a nice memory for the years my young son attended with me. You all should be proud of what you put together.
  17. Mark Demko

    Mark Demko Well-Known Member

    WOW, I guess I attended the last year for the BPG, I feel VERY fortunate to have gone, and I met quite a few people from V8 Buick there too, all great people:TU:
    Yep, the Buick events are getting fewer and fewer, but that's the way it goes I suppose:ball:
    Big thanks to Roberta, and everyone else for all you have has done for us Buick people!
  18. capsgs

    capsgs Well-Known Member

    This definitely a shame as I always looked forward to this event even when I didn't have a car to take. I hoped it would see some more years with BPG getting involved last year. ( I had a good time at their events also) Thanks to all involved who put in all the effort at a facility second to none. I truly do appreciate all of your efforts over the years.
  19. tufbuick

    tufbuick RIP

    Made it to many of the Norwalk events and then skipped a few years. So glad I made it to the last one last year. To bad it's over, sure were good times.

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