Non buick people just dont understand.....

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by mygrain, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Regal1

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    Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!:af: :af: :af: :blast: :beer :Do No:
  2. tlivingd



    I have gotten all the "thats a nice 442, or chevelle, gto.

    i often get with a thick ebonic tone "usellin'thedrop"
    I ask what did you say?
    then realizing they can't say convertable
    politely respond its not for sale sorry.

    the suprise comes when i take it out and have this girl in her mid to early 20's (about my age) say thats a nice skylark.

    I blink twice... i don't even have any skylark embliems on it at all (the one on the grill fell off recently still need to glue it back on)

    I later find out her and her boyfriend race SCCA road course in the 4 cylinder fox body class. a few ford people I could learn to like.

    plesant suprises....

  3. mygrain

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  4. 70voom

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    I hate when I pull into a gas station and a car will pull along side of me and I get the classic line.


    Man that steams me up:stmad:
  5. OLDS442GM

    OLDS442GM Going Fast With Class!

    Thats why you need the buick embossed aircleaner Ray :Brow: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: . Seriously folks...I'm gettin tired of being put in a chivy, pont, olds class when I take my BUICK SKYLARK OUT!! to car shows. Its time to stake our claim....buicks are not only luxerious, but the have the "B"'s to back them up....Did your chevelle SS come with A/C and power everthing (answer NOPE!, you had to pay out the ying yang for those options) I even get stares from chevy guys when I say the Buick 350 is 100 lbs lighter then your 350...and that the 455 is about 200 lbs lighter then your presious 454, and both moters will spank a chevy any day thats stock of course. What is there reply...NO THATS NOT TRUE....ignorance is blissfull....just do what I do....melt some tarmac and show them that Buick built muscle has and will always smok'em! :TU: . 1 more thing to hit the chevy guys between the eyes....Louie Chevrolet didnt win races with a Chevrolet....HE WON THEM WITH A BUICK!!!:spank: :TU:

  6. omni-man

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    nothing beat the confusion on peoples faces at car events when i told them my 66 dodge coronet 440 originally came with a poly block 318 and now has a small block 360:Do No: :confused: or even better.. when i was in high school my friend had a really nice 68 barracuda.. we would go out and cruise all the spots and the kids our age had no clue what his car was so they would always ask,we got sick of the"its a 68 barracuda"routine and started telling people its a 66 camaro kid was like" dad had one of those":puzzled:
  7. SportWagonGS

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    Re: Buick Wagon

    Alan, I suppose it could be with all the kills it's gotten at the local strip! But now you've got me thinking.......a 700 HP 455 1985 LeSabre Hearse..........
  8. Woodie

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    Ive gotten "Why does you plates on you Shi*velle say BYBYSS???"
    And then I get this real panicked look and say "What, is someone stealing my plates!!!!" And I usually get a dumb look and they finally see the Buick lettering and just say nice car and walk off.

    The other night these 2 ricers fart their way thru traffic and at the light say "BYBY SS, no F-ing way, its just a buick." In response I wait for them at the next light, and laugh as the tire smoke is still drifting from the little CRX. And the next words out of his punk mouth is "My brother has a 69 COPO LS6 427 Shi*velle at home, that would kick your A@@!!!" Since he was going home I told him, lets go and get it Id ike to get my a@@ kicked by a 69 COPO LS6 427." And I got the response I was looking for "AH, AH, AH... Its in peices caues he restoring it." SURE HE IS!!!! So I reminded them what tire smoke smells like and went about my merry way.:grin: :grin:
  9. Smartin

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    Did you read the thread about Ricers the other day?? I about lost it when people started bad-mouthing the coffee cans for tailpipes and farting mufflers...

    It's so true!!! They think they're so cool...the Sh*t.

    Hey kid, you haven't driven a Buick. You don't even know your @ss from a hole in the ground, much less what real power is. BTW, have you ever felt torque?

    Adam <-----In favor of banning fartpipes

    All in favor?

    I:blast: :af:
  10. Regal1

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    Torque? Isn't that the brand name of that big stupid triple decker wing on the rear? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Ricers suck!:jd:
  11. killrbuick66455

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    Hi everyone, My regal was also victomized by ignorance... My 455 didnt fit well in the regal so the air cleaner stuck out of the hood so every where i went,"That small block sure sounds great"? OR what do you have in the car, A Chevy? A Olds? A Pontiac ? But never think that a buick 455 was in there!! Morons :Dou:
  12. Regal1

    Regal1 Well-Known Member

    Just slap one of those big Chevie hood scoops on there and tell 'em it was a chevie concept car I'll bet you'll get at least one person to tell ya his Dad had one!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :blast: :blast:
  13. brblx

    brblx clueless

    i bet that regal would look nice with a stage 2 scoop, probably be pretty unique, too.:TU:
  14. Welcome Dave@Moon nice to see your still out there:grin: . Yea the event is a good one and I would have went back this year if it hadnt been 40 degrees and raining . Hopefully if they have it again this year Ill be able to just pull the Buick on the showfield without having to:spank: any traffic directing boy scouts :laugh:

  15. Jake G'S 350

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    Even Worse (I think.....)

    All these stories are great and I have a bunch similiar I could tell. But I think what bothers me even more, is all the times I drive my cars (69 GS 350 and 71 Duster) around and do not recieve any acknowledgement. I guess 60-70's muscle cars are losing their popularity in NJ. Honestly I get more "nice car" like comments from the wifes 71 Duster then my GS. I burns me. How is a 71 duster nicer looking then my equally restored 69 GS.

    I like to talk to others about the cars. Even when some stupid (misinformed) :pp onlooker starts his dad had stories..... I try to be nice. If I can teach just one person that GM made no less then 3 total different 350 engines then I have done the hobby some good.

    "No chevy didn't make the 350 for all of GM! Yes buick made their own 350 and Olds.......(you all know how the rest goes......)


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