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Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by gearhead434, Mar 11, 2002.

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    Hey guys, new to the forum but not the Buick world. I'm currently on my 3rd skylark (rust free AZ car!!!)...3rd times a charm. Anyhow, I've got my old 350 that I built when I was 16, its a 71 block and heads with nothing done to the bottom end aside from the usual rings and bearings. I did put in the high pressure/volume oil pump kit, but that's it. The cam is the Poston GS112, rhoades lifters, big push rods, roller rockers, springs, retainers, locks, seats and seals, intake (Poston) and headers and plan on running the carter 750 AFB. Now being much older and wiser (sometimes), I'm looking for a real competitive overbored 350 combo. I'll be switching to around 10:1 CR with 0.030 overbore. I'm not going looking for 70 heads but I will pocket port, gasket match and bowl blend the 71 heads. I have a spare set to practice on. I plan on mostly road racing not drag and need a good motor (reliable) with torque to push me out of the corners and horsepower to shoot me down the straights. Several people have commented on the reliability aspect but that thing made it 30k with a 16 year old lead foot and shifting 55-6000 rpms ALOT. I even took it to 7000 rpm's once, and it didn't blow. I'll also be running 4:10 gears with a T-56 (no I'm kidding, it'll be a 4 speed)I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.
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    You might check the other post about getting into the 13's. Alot of good info posted there on spicing up the 350.

    Cylinder head work such as a top notch porting job will be money well spent!:TU:

    Are you doing circle track or something like the Nevada Silver State Classic.

    If you plan on revving this motor quite often, new rod bolts, balancing, and maybe lighter pistons wouldn't be a bad idea!

  3. gearhead434

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    Just local club racing at road courses. I currently beat on my supercharged GTP there but want to get the Buick done to turn some heads. I have yet to see an old muscle car out there and would love to steam some rice. Typically 2 mile tracks with around 10 turns, a couple 1/4 mile straights or a longer one depending on the track. I have all the suspension goodies except for the tubular front arms, but those are next, the car still needs to be painted and the motor completed so they can wait. I also want to run the Baer track kit up front but that will be last on the list as brakes don't matter if you don't have anything to stop. :laugh: Thanks for the info.
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    70 heads are the same as 71.

    Sounds like you already have a lot of what you'll need. Get yourself a set of 73+ rods, they were re-designed and are stronger. You might want to talk with Jim Burek, he can help you get everything you need and he knows a thing or two about head porting.. (I think he even helped design the intake you're using).

    If you got teh right valve springs and everything is setup properly, 7000 rpm can be done, but on a 350 I don't think there's much power to be made there exept on some super high po race engine...

  5. Chris Cornett

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    70 and 71 heads aew not the same. The cc is smaller on 70 heads than any other year.
  6. GS69350

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    Hmm, I'm pretty sure that all 350 heads are the same casting.

    455 heads are different for different years though.

    Will check me resources for the definitive answer and apology if I'm wrong...
  7. From NHRA site:

    70 350 heads on a GS should be 48cc

    71 350 heads on a GS should be 50cc
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    I totally agree about the high rpm aspect of the motor, I'd like to make it brutal to around 5500. 73 rods are better, is there anything better than that currently? I've seen them for the 455 but not the 350. The desktop dyno shows big gains in torque with a smaller cam, and the mild porting should bring back some upper hp, right? Anyone have suggestions on a cam for the 3000-5500 rpm range. I know what's available, just like some opinions and combo's that exist.

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    For an inexpensive cam ($60), go to and check out the hyd. cams for the Buick 350. Click on the 'Garage Sale' box. Any one of the 350 hyd. cams should work in the rpm range you're looking for.

    Also, check out and look at what he offers for the 350. I would look at TA 310 or TA 413 - RPM range of 2000-6000.


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