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Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by phillydude, Jun 24, 2020.

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    Picked up a 66 sitting in storage since 1993, car is in primer, VIN begins 446076B139459. HH. Paint code, automatic trans, I was told this is the place to get production number. Can anyone tell me the month it rolled off the production line ? And one more thing, it has a black interior missing most of the headliner, the headliner appears to be light blue or a light green, would that be right for a black interior car ?
    Thanks !
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    H is Seafoam Green Metallic, so your car may have been built with a green interior that got dyed later. The trim tag should have a date code with two numbers and a letter (01-12, A-E) which is month and week it was built. 44607 should be a ‘thin pillar coupe’ of which 1835 were built. Yours was built in ‘B’ Baltimore.
    Here’s a link to some info. Production Numbers.pdf

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    Congrats and welcome!
    Yes, date code is on cowl trim tag in the upper left corner. I'll guess March-April time frame.
    Black interior came with a grey headliner. If you have an early build car, before January 1966 or so, it would have a different headliner than the later ones. The later ones have a wide (from side window to rear window) cardboard panel on the inside of the sail panel. The early ones just had a narrow cardboard strip by the rear window.
    The Seafoam Green is an awesome color, these cars look great in a light metallic, really shows off the body lines.
    Is this your first GS?
    I'm north of Philly, about halfway to Allentown.
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    Not my first, had a 71 stage 1 4speed and a 72 GS 350. Years ago. So it was a gray headliner. Makes sense on why I couldn't tell if light blue or green. Born and raised in Philly but moved to Delaware 3 years ago.i got my car for $2k with seized motor . So the seller said, that's to be determined

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