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Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by BrokeShax, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. BrokeShax

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    What’s up everyone? New member here showing off my new ride. ‘78 Park Avenue.
    C46A1014-14C8-4861-938A-441623881F2C.jpeg 5E3B1E7E-7285-4951-9365-1BCC49D4322D.jpeg 0C293F71-2443-4325-A948-0D4D7A903E59.jpeg 027E033B-E733-40AF-810E-44CAAF029FAB.jpeg
    Appears to be all original. 350/350. Bought it for a grand. I plan on doing the bodywork over the summer and painting her by my birthday in September. Here are some pics of a lesabre I painted last year for my homie...
    74FFFFB3-3658-4810-A43C-AC02F058E09E.jpeg F18232BD-F15D-4AA1-90AE-40C6B8A7E37B.jpeg 9A0A9ED3-4DD0-4086-BF17-525AD074145D.jpeg

    During that time I’ll be doing the head and intake gaskets and hopefully a new intake and carb. Was looking at the kit from TA with the air cleaner too. I’ll get the exhaust done as well. I’d like to do some upgrades suspension wise so I’m curious on parts compatibility. Will b-body stuff bolt up? If not what are my options?
    Also on the interior I’m missing the plastic panels that hold up the headliner and the headliner itself. Car has a sunroof so I imagine they got ditched. Will all c-body interior pieces interchange?
    Thanks in advance for any help
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  2. Max Damage

    Max Damage I'm Working on it!

    Congrats and good luck with the new ride.

    I don't know too much about that car, or which parts interchange, but worked on one as a kid(19?), and it was a pain...
  3. 6769RIV

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    Nice find. :cool: Always liked these, some of the nicer of the early downsized Malaise cars. Silver on red with the rallyes just looks boss. Yours should be very well optioned being a Park Ave; power everything including seats, cruise, air, top shelf stereo. None of it will work of course but the car looks solid, Buick-powered, and you got it for a grand! :D

    Sounds like the interior is going to be a bit of a challenge. Assume the sunroof already leaks; if it doesn't leave it alone (if you open and close it now, with 42yo seals, expect it soon will leak). No sense re-installing the headliner pieces without a new headliner; they all detached and sagged back in the day; I had a '78 Regal that did so in under ten years out of the factory. It was a cost cutter. No amount of sticky rattle can glue would work more than a week. Rip it down until you're ready to replace it, or lose your mind as it keeps drooping down onto your head and in your face. :D

    Not sure about B/C body compatibility. Would try to get the Fisher Body book for more insight.
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  4. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    …And the dust blows into your eyes!
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  5. BrokeShax

    BrokeShax New Member

    Thanks for the reply’s guys. Yeah those interior panels are going to be a be ya itch! As far as the headliner it is actually all gone…hence me asking if the interior panels on all c bodies would work. 6769riv I had a 78 regal as well. Was my favorite car. I did all the bodywork on her, dropped a caddy 500 in it. Put in a bench seat from a early 90s eldorado… but hard times hit and had to sell her. That’s the one car I truly regret letting go.
    As far as the park ave it’s a super solid car. I was wondering if the sunroof was factory. It looks like it could be original. Without a headliner in it I can see underneath and I don’t see any impression that it was a “custom job”…
    I’m sure the sunroof leaked at some point which is why everything is missing up top. The windows work, the locks don’t but I can hear the relay clicking close the glovebox when I hit the switch. Should be an easy fix I’m guessing. The seats kinda scare me…not working at all. But I’m all in now. Thinking about a hood tach…and yes the suspension is still an issue. Unlike the car I painted in the previous pics I want something that sits low and handles well. Air ride is too much $$$ so I’m trying to keep it simple. Read on some other websites that 80s to 90s b body parts should work but I just want to be 100% before I start buying stuff.

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