New Sport Wagon 455 owner here!

Discussion in 'Wet behind the ears??' started by Lovegrove19, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Lovegrove19

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    Hey guys,
    I just recently purchased a 1969 Buick Sport Wagon with the great 455 Stage 1 from a '72 GS. I already love this car, and its in incredible shape with only 29,000 miles on the entire car, less than 10k on the rebuilt motor. HOWEVER, the guy who had it before me wanted to turn it into a drag car, but never completed the process, so now my interior is lacking certain components.

    First and foremost, the windows have been disconnected from the motors that run them, no big trouble there. Secondly, the door panels were taken off and so were the inside door handles. While this gives the car some great personality, it can be somewhat inconvenient. My first question is how interchangeable are the parts between the 69 Sport Wagon and the other models in the same time period?

    Next, what are the chances I could find the cargo area covers? Right now the car is just bare in the cargo area, and I need that room to sleep when I'm road-tripping. And does anyone have the exact cargo area specs so I could fabricate the interior if I have to?

    Thank you!
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    welcome aboard. sounds like you have a great project car. there are good folks here that can help you and they will chim in later. so ask any question. we all go by are first names.



    69 gs 400
    64 skylark
    69 california gs (just sold)
  3. 69GS400s

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    68/69 sporty front doors are same as 68/69 skylark 4door cars. Rear doors are specific to those year ONLY sportwagon as the extended length of the specific sporty frame was made up in the rear door.

    Cargo covers - not sure if other than 68/69 will work but I would think olds vista cruiser of same year may be compatible

    Contact board member painkiller through pm as he was parting a couple of 68/69 sportys

    Welcome to V8Buick, The 68/69 StepChild Nation ... And the wonderful world of SportWagons
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    Wagon cargo area ideas. (Re: New Sport Wagon 455 owner here!)

    Dear Lovegrove19 and V-8 Buick wagon lovers,

    Congratulations on your assertive wagon!! I'm in the process of making my 65 Special wagon just a little bit more assertive as well! :3gears:

    Not sure what you mean by a cargo area cover, perhaps by 1969 things were more deluxe than in 65. On my trusty wagon, there was a rubber pad that was damaged ever before we bought the car (we got it second hand in 1968.) It was hopelessly wrecked when the car was stolen in 1986, so we replaced with was a hand cut piece of carpet. In 2010 when I had the seats redone, I had the upholstery shop put carpeting in the cargo area. I then bought from J.C. Whitney a generic "you cut 'em" rubber pad intended for SUVs or perhaps pickup trucks and I just carefully measured out the cargo area and cut it to fit. The fit is reasonably nice and so when I have to carry something heavy the carpet is protected. Otherwise, the cargo area looks very nice.

    I've also used my wagon as my camper, but wow, that steel mattress is almost as bad as the bear ground. Eventually, I bought an inexpensive inflatable air mattress. That's not perfect, but sure beats sleeping directly on the cargo area directly.

    Hope this is of some help.

    Congrats again!

    Cheers, Edouard :beer
  5. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    I assumed by cargo covers he was referring to the left/right side covers :Do No:
  6. N360LL

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    Welcome to the V-8 world. I have a couple of questions. Where is the original engine for the car and all the other stuff that you are missing? Did the guy you bought it from throw it all away? What are you planning on using the car for cruising or racing?

    And can you be more specific about the covers you are looking for. I assumed that you are are asking about a tonneau cover. As far as I know those weren't produced in that time period. That was a later era accessory.
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  7. staged70

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    why not try to find a parts car
  8. Lovegrove19

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    Well, this car was actually planned to be a drag car by the previous owner who passed away, but not before he put the 455 in it, so im not sure where the 400 is. It was left to his son, who didn't know how to manage resto-modding the car and sold it. The guy I bought it from was planning to use it as a parts car, BUT since the body was in such incredible condition, couldn't bring himself to cut it up, so he sold to me. The car had many of the interior items cut out and so now i have the shell of the car basically. However, this does leave me with tons of options on what I can do.

    The interior is pretty bare. Back seats are missing mounting brackets, the rear door panels and locking mechanisms are cut out, windows locked in place. Front door handles have been removed and electric window motors disconnected. The stereo, A/C, and windshield wipers all have been disconnected and the electrical system itself is in total disarray. Its gonna be an interesting project, but the car is so amazing to drive with the new exhaust, headers, heads, and intake manifold that I can do without all the luxuries to be honest. But I've decided to fabricate the panels and cargo area by hand so it can be custom fit and serve the purposes I'm looking for. Restoring the car to factory would be an impossible task, so resto-modding it will be very fun.

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