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Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by Don Palumbo, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Some of you might remember, about three weeks ago I was asking opinions about spraying my Regal with a 150 shot. Well I am going to do, but not for Reynolds ( Oct 31 - Nov 1). But I did go ahead and get something for that project. I purchased Crane Cams TRC-2 Timing Retard Control. It will adjust to pull up to 20* of timing out on demand. Later it will pull about 10* out when at WOT with the NOS. But for now I hooked it up to a micro switch that is activated by the shifter to pull a little timing out when it shifts into 3rd gear. It will still have the 36* for 1st and 2nd gear then pull what I set it for out in 3rd. I will try different amounts of retard to see if I can pick up any MPH and hopefully a 10th or so.
    I know doing this with a dual point distributor back in the early 70's worked. (The good old Super Stock We would shut off one set of points with a toggle switch and that would increase dwell which would retart timing. I remember the Chevy's picking up a couple of mph and some guys a little more than a 1/10. They were pulling about 5* out. I remember you could hear the sound of the engine change in high gear, sounded like another shift...

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