New product: 1966 Buick Quadrajet choke pulloff actuator

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    Does your 1966 Buick Quadrajet have trouble on cold starts? Load up on fuel until warmed up?

    Often this is because the choke flap is staying mostly or completely closed due to a broken choke pulloff actuator.

    DSCN2326.JPG DSCN2327.JPG

    Until now, your repair options were quite limited. Replacements were very rare to find, and some people simply disconnect the choke linkage for the lack of parts.

    Everyday performance LLC has produced a limited run of replacement choke pulloff actuators to make the repair EASY.

    DSCN2324.JPG DSCN2325.JPG

    Simply open the pulloff, swap the rubber diaphragm onto our replacement choke pulloff actuator and reinstall.

    Limited quantities available now in the web store
    $30 shipped in the USA
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    Freaking awesome! Just think of all the 7026240's coming back off the shelf!
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    Also used on the replacement carbs #7041304 #7041309

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