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Discussion in 'Inquiries' started by bammax, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. bammax

    bammax Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to get my hands on a reverse rotation water pump for a 455. I'd be willing to put in some time on how to make it work if needed, but I can't do any of the actual producing and testing stuff. If you're up to making it then I'm up for buying it. Assuming it doesn't cost a million bucks of course.
  2. online170

    online170 Well-Known Member

  3. bammax

    bammax Well-Known Member

    Nope. Plenty of experience with the gen2's since that's what the daily driver has in it (L99 4.3). I'm looking to do a dirt cheap super simple serpentine setup and need a reverse rotation pump to make it work. I'm not interested in the $2,000 setups or having to ditch the A/C. Stanard flow but reverse rotation is what I'm after.
  4. online170

    online170 Well-Known Member

    Thats an interesting thought.

    Why would the pump need to be reverse rotation? Do you have a diagram? I cant picture it in my head.

    Would be cheaper to run the extra idler pulley to get it turning the right way i think.
  5. bammax

    bammax Well-Known Member

    I already have the layout drawn up but it involves running the belt under the waterpump pulley which means a reverse rotation pump is needed.

    For non-A/C cars you wouldn't need an idler and belt tension would be adjusted by moving out the power steering or alternator same as the stock v-belts.

    For A/C cars a spring loaded tensioner would be added to ensure the right amount of wrap on the alternator since the A/C compressor tends to steal the belt contact area from the alternator pulley.

    If I can get someone to make a reverse roation pump then I'll give them my basic layout and they can in turn make a kit that has all the right pulleys and the needed bracket for the A/C cars.
  6. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    If you can get some form of a kit worked out, we may be interested. I will say though, that if you made it use a regular water pump so people can use their existing water pump (and we dont have to design and produce an extra pump just for this purpose *low sales potential as well*) it would have a much higher chance of happening and being successful. PM me and I can discuss it more with ya.
  7. staged70

    staged70 RIP

    Somone on here had a set up using parts from a S 15 JimmyV 6 and some work on main mount. can someone do a search for the thread in the archives. I seem to remember the guy saying he can make a system ofr the 455 for like 800.00

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