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Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by Woodie, Jul 6, 2005.

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    Me too. That WAS a rather tough couple of months, wasn't it? :laugh:
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    some secret if everyone knew :puzzled: I feel left out.
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    He!! yea it was. Sometimes its kool to know stuff like this till your about to bust wanting to tell another buddy. :rant: :laugh:
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    In answer to your questions, yes , the cast iron blocks are being made . Right now a cast iron production block and an aluminum block are going in to machining. If any body wants to change out their iron block order for an aluminum, that can be done.

    One of the questions I posed a while back to Dick Bradshaw was that if we are having trouble getting castings in cast iron, why not just go into alum? Mostly cost, they are more expensive. He had said if he could not get the or a foundry to do a good iron block again, he would change to alum, but he did'nt really want to have to do that .
    Now that things are worked out with the foundry, and production is starting, He figures after these 2 blocks get machined, he'll have more iron ones cast up, probably finish the iron block run and then run the alum blocks.
    If most people decide they want alum instead, then it's just a matter of going alum now. The thing is , we need to kick out some iron blocks since everyone has been waiting so long thus far.
    My feeling is this, unless everybody decides they want an alum block, It would not be good to do a run of alums before the cast iron .

    Dick's feeling was that if some people wanted alum blocks , he would do them right after the irons were done, no stop in production, just finish the iron stuff first then go onto alum. Just as an example, say 8 guys decided they wanted to change out their order form iron to alum, what would most likely happen is that those 8 blocks would get cast , repalcing the 8 irons that were originally ordered . In other words, there would be 8 less irons cast and those would be replaced with alum ones.
    Whle the machining was being finished on the irons, the alums would be getting poured and go right in the machining operation.

    The only thing I don't know right now is if there are alot of people that would rather have alum or if most people want to stay cast iron.
    I guess a show of hands so to speak is in order here.
    I f you will let me know what you guys want to do at this point, that would be helpful. Please don't start calling Dick Bradshaw as this only bogs him down with phone calls, and he needs to stay workin on blocks, if you know what I mean.
    You can email me directly at

    The plan at the moment is to pour aout 10more cast iron blocks right now, get those into maching, then pour some more. Jim Burek P.A.E. ENTERPRISES
  5. alan

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    Is the only advantage to aluminum the weight savings and the ability to repair the block? Will the iron block "hold it's shape" better? I've heard that a cast iron block will make more power than an aluminum block.
  6. buick535

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    All the imforamtion I have is that an iron block will make more horsepower than an alum block, all things being equal. Not a big difference but maybe 25 to 30 horsepower. Jim Burek

    JEFF STRUBE Well-Known Member

    What about the Aluminum Block ???

    What's the deal on the sleeve for the Block are they cast in the Block or are they removiable. What bore size sleeve's are they going to have. Are they going to be thick and be able to bore from 4.313 to 4.500 or what's the story. Is the Cam tunnel still going to be able to go to 55mm cam journal size.Dual bolt pattern for PG or B.O.P. Transmission

    JEFF STRUBE Well-Known Member

    Billet Main Cap's on these ??? How much more over $4000 Are the Main Cap's Splayed
  9. Joe Kelsch

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    If it will help I'll start collecting aluminum cans and send them to Dick. Maybe I'll send him a case of aluminum bottles for all the good work! :beer

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    JEFF STRUBE Well-Known Member

    Gary K go over to the chat Board
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    jim is this going to be a one time deal,one runoff for bolth blocks?Will i have a chance to buy in a year or two?i am ready to go to the dark blue side but i want to stay true! . Are you going to test the blocks for endurance please tell us!We all need to know No more secrets let it all out. Thanks JOE RIVECCO
  12. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    I don't know for sure but I would guess the block would either come with sleeves for the 4.3 bore or the 4.5 bore. I don't think the same sleeve would work for both bore sizes. I could be wrong on that though.The other features of the block are still the same. No splayed caps. No dual bolt pattern. jim Burek
  13. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    Joe, There are no plans for these blocks to be a one time deal. I can't predict when another run will happen, but I have to believe there will be more than one run, I certainly hope so, one run does'nt even come close to covering the costs incurred to do this project. Considering blocks are running out, I have to think there will always be a market for it. Just my opinion here though. Jim Burek
  14. Truzi

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  15. bob k. mando

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    :shock: :shock: :shock:




    you jus hadda doit, dintcha? gotta keep raising the freaking bar. how am i ever going to be able to afford this crap? :Dou: :error:

    that blew my socks clean off Jim. nice job.
  16. buick 494

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    $5,500 bucks for a block?!?!?!?! :eek2:
    Guess I'll just have to put the old lady back out on the corner. :laugh:
    Just kidding.
    I made the wife a promise, no more 'stuff' until our house is sold, still waiting.
    Aluminum for me, just have to wait 5-6 more months( winter project)
  17. Gmachine Lark

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    All right -- let me know what I have to do to get in line for the aluminum block. Whoever is in charge of that deal just let me know. I talked to my guy who does my machine work and have some specs we need....

    Also what steel cranks are people using and how long did they take ?

    Will all of the fellow gluttons for punishment please stand up ! :TU:

    George in DC
  18. buick535

    buick535 Well-Known Member

    Just give me a call at the shop or email me. Jim Burek 915-855-6009
  19. bob k. mando

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    not to hassle you or anything but i was wondering if you could let us know when the blocks are shipping ... maybe some more pics?

    JEFF STRUBE Well-Known Member

    Block Info

    Would be nice to hear when someones getting one .There alot of Buick Racers out there that would like to no when they are getting there's. Lot of People have sold of there old stuff hoping to have these block these winter and have there New Bullet Built and Running By the Spring. The Buick Racers step up to Purchase the Block. Some one needs to step up and start Delivering them. Not trying to get pissy. But after sometime what do you want. The Block in your Hand's that's what we Buick Racers want. Just me speeking out loud

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